Sunday, September 21, 2014

(411) hey y'all

September 15

So this past week was pretty good! We had some really good lessons and people in church and whooo! it was good. annnnnd to top itall off we're going to the temple tomorrow! whooooohooo! I love the temple! I love the temple! and after the temple we are going to the Zoo! I'm super excited!
    But lets see what else happened this past week... Oh! We had a miracle happen! A lady stopped US on the street and asked US how she can study with us and when... we're going to teach her tonight!! Whooooo! Milagres!
    Also we made cookies this past week! They were great! It was Larissa's 14th Birthday so we made her American Cookies! She loved them! Annnd I loved them... they didnt taste exactly like cookies at home... they just had this little bit of ... brasil... in them but they were delicious! =D
    Also I dont know if I've ever told you guys about funk...but the favelinha next to our house had this HUGE rave dance party saturday so i figured I'd talk about it now... It's this type of music here... funk.... but yeah everybody loves to drive around in their car with their tricked up bases hanging out of their trunks and funk spewing from their speakers, setting off car alarms and other classy things like that... its fun at 230 in the morning... haah but i am so totally going to be looking it up for you guys at least once when i get home so y'all can hear it it's ridiculous!... but kind of a little awesome too... they've got some really sick beats... and my dubstep roots sometimes just make it so all i really want to do is break it down right then and there in the middle of the street... haha buuuuut i dont. Dont worry momma... I am respectable... most of the time... haahh =] 
   Buuuut yeah that was a pointless story but now y'all know a little bit more about brasil! whoooo! buuut now i kind of have to go!... I love you all so much! thank you so much for all the prayers and support!
Te Amo!
-Sister Rice

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