Sunday, September 21, 2014

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August 4

    Not a whooooooole lot happened this past week.  I'm getting to know the area and members and investigators here a lot better so that's good!
     Oh! And we had Zone Conference this past Thursday! And guess who was there!!!!! SISTER RAY! WHOOOOOO! We finally found each other! =D It was amazing to finally see her again after almost a whole year! Sister Hauter was there as well and it was just a big wonderful spiritual party! =D hahah
     I also finally got my package! Peanut Butter! and Twizzlers! hahah Everyone here thinks that I am crazy to have asked for Twizzlers and none of the Brasilians liked them buuuuut I dont even care.  They are perfect and my favorite. Ohand speaking of American food I had pancakes the other day too! With Maple Syrup!!!!!! I´ve had pancakes here before but it's always been without syrup cuz they dont have maple here... which has been kind of depressing. buuuuut last night we were at the house of a menos ativo and her son served a mission and in his last area he found maple extract in the fridge that some american missionary had left.... and so he made us pancakes with maple syrup! It was awesome! hahah
     But yeah I really don't have that much to say, not much happened this past week.  I had a little bit of a cold and it's starting to get hot again here (which sucks cuz hello, can you say pathetic winter?? Seriously... shortest and hottest winter of my life... which is funny cuz all anyone talks about is how freezing it was all last winter... ofcourse it's still hot when I'm here...) 
    But yeah... Oh! We might be having a baptism here soon too! I hope so! It's the nephew of the ward secretary. He came to church yesterday and it was great! =D 
   Buuuuuuut remember how I said I was gonna put up quotes from that one talk, Unleashing the Dormant Spirit, every week and then only did it once...?? Well, we're starting back up again because really this talk is amazing and the tips/advice that he gives in it are wonderful. They´re ways that we can be under the influence of the Spirit more in our lives and seriously are wonderful. So here we go, week number two: ( I especially tried to remember this one this past week...)
                      "When you are physically sick, tired, or in despair, stear your thoughts away from yourself, and direct them in gratitude and love towards God."
     I love you all! Have a good week ok! Oh and the fotos are of me and Sister S. Silva, minha companheira, and of me and Sister Ray!!! =D
Te Amo!
-Sister Rice

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