Sunday, September 21, 2014

(342) Back to São Paulo.....!

July 28

Soooooo obviously we had transfers last week and I am now officially back in the actual city of São Paulo in the Parque Bristol Stake, Jardim Climax Ward... I'm not gonna lie, I'm having mixed feelings so far about it.  It's super interesting cuz it's like all straight up Favela (I have no idea how to spell this word dont judge me) aka the slums... i guess... i actually don´t know the translation for it... And ok it's not completely ALL favella buuut it's hard to go anywhere without at least being able to see one and compared to my last two areas here in Brasil that didnt have any favellas at all... that's pretty favella-y... hahah I feel like I was trying to see how many favellas I could fit into that sentence...   But yeah so far the area has been good. super chill. just a little bit louder on Saturday nights... =] Annnd it's super small so that's nice. Shouldn't be too hard to learn my way around...
      But yeah we don't have a lot of investigators so we've been working a lot on getting novos and it's been going really good.  Oh! And my companheira! haahahh I almost forgot! Her name is Sister S.Silva and she's from Brasil (there goes my streak of every companion being from a different country... =[ buuuuuuut tudo bem =] ) She's from the Nordeoste (once again I have absolutely no idea how to spell that... no judging please...) The northeast I think it is... which basically means the cool part with all the cool strange food that you hear about from Brasil... So that's cool.  She's pretty cool. I like getting to only speak portugues again... it's super helpful...
       Let's see what else?? Oh! Did I tell you guys?? President changed the times of Pday on us... Pday officially starts at 9 now and goes until 5.  And then at 5 is when we have distict/zone meetings until 630 and then it's back to work... It's a little weird but it's good cuz now we aren't loosing another morning of studying for meetings and such...
     OHMYGOODNESS! I haven't told you guys yet! hahahah I totally forgot that this was onyl last week! It feels like ages since I've been in Rudge... buuuuuut so pretty much the dvds here in brasil are like the cheapest thing ever... and not even like the bootlegs but the actual DVDs... annnnd I may or may not have bought 3 last Pday for 20 bucks.  20 dollars!! And guess which ones they were?!?! Stinking Le Mis, The Amazing Spiderman, and The Dark Knight Rises... All for under 20 bucks... The Dark Knight Rises was only 5!!!... They stinkin had THE HOBBIT for 7 dollars!! I kind of had a heart attack... Ovbiously I am not watching them on the mishh, they're still all sealed up and packed away... But I'm just so excited about them for after the mishh! hahah Sister Robinson was dying laughing at me while I was just geeking out all over the place... =]
      hahah so uh yeah... that was cool... and obviously as y'all can tell i ovbiously havent changed too much... hahah but i've gotta go now! I love you all! Sorry I promise next week I will get the quotes up here but I'm out of time!!

Te Amo!!
-Sister Rice

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