Sunday, September 21, 2014

(404) Nova Companheira!

September 8

 So we had transfers this past week and I stayed here in Jardim Climax and minha companheira Sister S. Silva was transfered to Santo Andre and I got a new companion! Sister Shell! She is from Atlanta, Georgia and is a redhead! Whooooo! hahah She's really funny and awesome and we are gonna baptize todo mundo aqui em Jardim Climax!! Whooo =DD
    Buuut yeah this past week was interesting and quite honestly a little rough buuuuut whats new?? hahah We still have 3 people on date, Larissa and Lysa, and Ana Cristina and we are working really hard with them and are really excited! 
    Sorry about the no pictures still... these computers are really lame lame lame apparently... but i promise that i am taking them! 
    Also I am on chapter 11 of the BoM in portugues! I am really excited to finish it again before the end of the year! 
    Alright, time for a story! So it was last transfer, before Sister S. Silva left, but we were at a member's house eating lunch and there was a little boy there. about 5 years old, and he was showing us how he is learning how to write, and Sister S. Silva told him he should write her name and that it was here on her tag ( is that the name for it... i cant remember the word in english...) and so he gets started... and i'm watching as he slowly writes out a J... and i'm thinking "J?? why J? There's no J in Sister S. Silva... whatever tudo bem"... But slowly he writes out the E and then the S and the U and I get it... She told him that her name is on her nametag (there we go... thats the word) and the name he saw was Jesus Cristo... and it really just kind of hit me that that really is the name that we are trying to have... We have his name here over our hearts every single day... and it really is our goal to take on the name of Christ everyday. It's the name that we will be called by when He comes again... and it is our responsiblity to know Him enough that we will respond... Read Mosiah chapter 5... it's my favorite chapter in the BOM and talks alot about it...
    Buuuuut I'm out of time! I love you guys!
-sister Rice

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