Monday, June 30, 2014

( 258) Transfers!!

April 28, 2014

So tomorrow is transfers again annnnnnnnnd I am being transfered! I won't know where to until tomorrow during the transfer meeting but yeah... It wasn´t much of a surprise.  I´ve been here 4 transfers/5 months and Presidente practically told me during interviews that I was leaving... I´m a little sad. I love these people here so much and I really really don´t want to leave them at all, but I´m also a little excited to get to know a different area in the mission.  But I do not like goodbyes so that was hard to go through and I still have some left today but that´s just part of the mission I guess!
     But yeah this week has been pretty good. Oh! Some things I forgot to write last week! Abby! I got your card! It was wonderful! I loved it so much! I actually ended up opening it up at the mission office and all the elders who work in there gathered round to hear the secret of life and got really into it and it was great! And I can´t believe that I forgot that they are making The Giver into a movie! That is so exciting!
     Also the other week for District/Zone Meeting I decided to make a cake for everyone... guess what type of cake I made???? Rice cake!! hahahah It was great! An investigator´s mom made it for us one time and we got the recipe and hello it´s the perfect cake for me to make for everyone! hahah it was actually disgusting. It was the first time I´ve baked anything down here in Brasil and it turned out really... weird. BUT none of that really matters! What matters is that Sister Rice brought a rice cake and I thought it was the greatest thing ever! hahaha
       But yeah sorry this email is so short and lame this week... I had other things to write but I can´t remember any of them... but yeah... I hope that y'all have a fabulous week! Hey! Did you ever listen to His Grace is Sufficent by Brad Wilcox??? Cuz if so I have more talks that I´m waiting to give you guys! =] Love you!

-Sister Rice


April 22, 2014

 Yay!!! I get to do my blog again! =D We had interviews with Presidente this past Thursday and he said I could do it again! YAY! It was kind of awkward/funny though... I guess apparently he read my blog (!) and couldn´t find anything particularly wrong with it (obviously... i try really hard to not send questionable things obviously) and said that I could continue! But he also said that I was a really good writer... a really good writer... the President of the BYU English Department thinks that I am a really good writer... after only reading the crazy random rushed rambling emails that I send home to yall every week!! BDLDFIHGFOHFJVNHOIJFDVOSIHGPWEJKCGUFIKALHRUGAHFJH!!!  Boom. dead.
     But yeah... that was a pretty delightful highlight of the week.  Let´s see what else happened... I went on exchanges with Sister Cozzens this past week! It was wonderful! I forgot how crazy she is and how much I love her!  It´s kind of weird to have her as my Sister Trainer Leader thingy but it´s nice... hahah I don´t know what I am going to do after she leaves in August! She´s been a part of my whole mission practically! hahah
     And ohmygoodness! May is practically here! How did that happen??? I was just talking to you guys and now somehow it´s happening again! How does time keep going by so quickly?! But I am super excited to talk with you guys in a couple of weeks!!
     Also. I had a pretty cool experience this past week. Sister Dabelko and I were visiting an older lady in our ward who lives alone and she was having a pretty rough day and was pretty upset and discouraged when we showed up... usually we just sing with her and share a message real quick, but this time we knew that it was not going to be a quick visit.  We couldn´t leave her alone again with her still so upset, so we sang and read a Liahona article with her and then we just talked with her.  Just about anything.  I remembered that her grandparents had been Italian and that she had only spoken italian until she was about 13 and so I asked her about that and about her family and we just talked with her and ended up sharing some of our family stories as well.  I ended up telling her about... I think it was Grampy Nothum´s mom (right????) who came over from from Romania with her 5 boys and pregnant and didn´t know any english and only had a sewing machine.... (that was her right??  But yeah I just told her about her and how special and really honestly powerful she was and almost as soon as I was finished talking I was just hit by this GRANDE wave of the spirit and of love to the point where I almost just burst out in tears... and I felt... I guess... pressure almost... on my shoulders... And I knew in that moment that she was there with me... and that she knew me and loved me... This woman that quite honestly I know almost nothing about, (just this one story about her... I honestly couldnt even tell you her name right now) but she knows me and she loves me.  This random little great granddaughter... she was there with me.  I listened to a talk about a month or so ago and the guy talked about how Heavenly Father really does send angels to come and protect us and to be with us and help us, and that more often than not those angels are our family members and loved ones that have passed on before us... I one hundred percent believe it now. One hundred percent.  We are NEVER alone. We have Heavenly Father with us always, and really we have a whole legion of loved ones behind us and pulling for us and with us at every moment. We are never ever alone. And I cannot wait to get back and start to know all of them as well as they know me right now...
     But yeah... that was my experience... and it was pretty cool.... =] I also ate oreos this week... they were disgusting.  One they were not double stuffed... I can´t remember the last time i ate anything but a double stuffed oreo ( can you say entitled americana... hahah) but it tasted like just a regular cracker disguised as a oreo with a little nothing in the middle... it was really weird... They just can´t get ameerican food right down here... Some things yes... the snickers are perfect... but other things heck no. hahah It´s weird...
     But I hope that ya´ll have had a wonderful week! A wonderful Easter! I love you all!

-Sister Rice


April 14, 2014

No I have not been waiting since my 2nd day in the MTC to use that when I hit 9 months... =D But seriously! I hit nine months on Thursday! Can yall believe it! I definitely cannot. It´s actually incredibly weird... especially since I still feel like i have no idea what I am doing half the time still. hah =]
    But um yeah... This is officially going to be the lamest email ever in the history of emailing cuz I dont have anything to write about really, other than hitting nine months... Um... I´m almost done with the Book of Mormon again in english and am almost halfway through 2nd Nephi in Portugues... We´re having house inspections and interviews with President this Thursday... ummm no one in my zone has gotten a letter in the past 3 weeks... which is weird especially since we have the mission office in our zone... aka we always get our mail first... We had 5 less actives/inactives in church yesterday. That was pretty awesome. The world cup is starting in like a month... or maybe two... i cant remember... It´s almost mother´s day! (what??! how did that happen.. I was just talking to you guys...) I might be sending yall a package soon...ish. dont get too excited. =]/ if yall are planning on sending a package anytime soon a camera and twizlers would be appreciated... also razers... those things cost an arm and a leg here. hahah It´s so funny the things that they had behind the cash registers for protection here in grocery stores... In almost every single store it´s a combo of alchool (understandable), chocolate (a little stange...) and hygine products like toothbrushes and razors and deordorant (what the heck??) All they all cost a ridiculous amount. haha it´s so funny..
   BUUUUUT yeah. Sorry this week is so lame. I loved the pictures. I love hearing from all yall! Love you so much!

-Sister Rice

(237) General Conference Weekend!

April 7, 2014

     There was SO MUCH that happened this week! We moved in with the Bosque Sisters (aka Sister Cozzens and her awesome Canadian Comp Sister Rodrigues) cuz our house is infected with bugs and getting exterminated today. We started our official English Class Wednesday and people actually showed up! I also had my first allergic reaction Saturday night! Don´t worry it was nothing serious. A bug just bit me and I guess I´m allergic to it or to whatever it had in it and I ended up with Hives all up and down my arms... Or maybe they weren´t hives... I have no idea what hives are if I´m being honest (I know nothing about allergies) but they just looked and itched like a bunch of misquito bites all over. I had at least a hundred, a hundred and fifty on each leg starting at my knee and going up and down my thighs and calves and all over my arms... Don´t worry though. Sister Cozzens and Dabelko took great care of me using her weird essential oil thingys... hahah And I am now itch free! hahah
    BUUUUUUUUUT! The big thing this past week was obviously Conference!!! It was wonderful! And did you guys hear?!?! President Tanner is going to be the 1st Counselor in the General Sunday School Presidency! Their mission ends this July and he´s starting up then! We were all so excited and cheered and everything when we heard! haha
    But yeah, Conference was so amazing! I have 32 pages of notes... mind you it was a small notebook but still... 32!! hahah I´m gonna try and share some of my favorite parts with you guys. I want to expound on all of them but there are so many so I´m probably just gonna list them all out for you guys! Enjoy!
Jeffery R. Holland: "Jesus is not a comfortable God" "Talk about man making God in his own image" (in reference to how Christ and Heavenly Father demand sacrifices of us to help us grow, and that if we are comfortable we are not growing or becoming closer to them)
Richard G. Scott: "He (Christ) can do more with our lives than we could ever do on our own."
Robert D. Hales: "When we obey, we accept His sacrifice."  "Claiming to love God while picking and choosing which commandmentswe will follow is NOT obedience OR love."
Dieter F. Uchtdorf: "We all experience times when the very fabric of our lives tear at the seams" "Because we are made of the stuff of eternity, endings are not part of our destiny. They are merely pauses, small interruptions. In this plan there are no endings, only eternal beginnings."
Jean A. Stevens: She quoted C.S. Lewis and I loved it. "I pray because I can´t help myself. I pray because the need flows out of me, waking and sleeping. It doesn´t change God. It changes me." She also said "The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not weight. It is wings. We choose if we are carried."
David A. Bednar: "Making and keeping sacred covenants yokes us to the Savior and together we press forward" "The Lord strengthens us. He does not remove the burden." "His atonement allows us to do good and be better than our natural capacities or even desires."
L. Tom Perry: "We must be willing to completely alter our course." "We must teach our spirits and our bodies to work together."
Marcos A. Aidukaitis: "One should not run through garbage."
D. Todd Christofferson: "Christ´s victory over death ended the Human Predicament. Now there are only Personal Predicaments." "Because He was ressurrected Jesus was no mere mortal, He had to have been a God. Therefore what He taught has to be true, for God cannot lie."

Sorry this is so long but Conference was just so good! If you missed it go online and watch or read it now! It was AMAZING! And even if you didn´t miss it, go online and watch or read the talks! I am so grateful to live in a time the has a living prophet and apostles! AHHHH! It´s so amazing!! =D
  I love all of you guys and am so grateful for the support and love that I feel from you! Have a fabulous week!!! =D

-Sister Rice


April 1, 2014

 Well really nothing much happened here this past week. For some reason the first week of transfers is always rough... even when nothing changes. We only had 8 lessons total last week (which was ROUGH, let me tell you.) The few lessons that we did have marked pretty much all fell through. We spent a lot of time knocking doors.... BUT we had 6 lessons yesterday, so we are already making up for it.  I am so excited to still be here in Mirandopolis.  4 transfers now! Only 2 more and I will have spent a half of my mission here. =] I hope so!
      But yeah... there´s not much to say about this past week... I decided it would be a good idea to see what would happen if I put Fanta in my super fancy water filter waterbottle... it was not. It might have been the worst idea of my mission so far... It tasted like carbony nothing with a hint of orange... but now all the little purifying ball things are permanently stained orange and any water I try to drink out of it tastes like straight baking powder with a hint of old stale orange. It is literally the worst. I don´t know why I am such an elder sometimes with all these stupid ridiculous ideas... fanta through my water filter, sucking the bone marrow out of chicken bones... JK! I have never done that, would NEVER do that... I´m just making fun of some disgusting elders.... =D And I mean I guess I can just put in the replacement filter that I have but I was totally planning on saving that one for when the zombies come...  I´ll probably just buy a cheap new water bottle. Who needs super fancy filters here anyways?? We buy all our water anyways... haha
       Oh and then we went to the temple today! I love the temple! It was great! SO  much better than last time, way less stressful and I could actually understand pretty much almost everything! Which was awesome!
      But yeah that´s pretty much it for this week... i know super lame... Oh and speaking of super lame I cant believe yall havent listened to the talk yet. =] Seriously though, it is the greatest! Listen to it when Boy Boy gets back =] and then I´ll give you another one.
     I love you all so much! Beijos!
-Sister Rice