It´s only been like 4ish days since I emailed cuz of silly carnival buuuuuuut I am so grateful for Pday today! Sister Dabelko and I have already taken one 2 hour nap today and I most definitely plan on taking another if I can! But yeah this past week was pretty good... goodness I really dont have that much to write about... ummm ok.
    So the good news of the week! So last week all the youth of the church went camping right during carnival to get away and we had 4 investigators who went and one of them, Ian, came back and wants to go on a mission now! He´s not even baptized yet and he went to mission prep this past week! He´s been coming to church the past month so we are hoping to finish up teaching him this week and for him to be baptized this Sunday! We are so excited! It will be my first baptism here! =D and he is so cool and so solid and so excited!
     Also. more big news... well... "big"... but apparently starting this next transfer any missionaries who have been waiting on their visa for longer than two transfers and finally get it have to go back to the MTC for two weeks when they finally get down here.... bahahahaha. Goodness. That SUCKS. Seriously. Some of these people are more than halfway through their missions....(Sister Ray, my MTC comp is still in New Mexico waiting... and we´re about to hit halfway...) and they finally get their visas and have to go back to the MTC... wow. I am so glad I got here before that... BUUUUT  it will probably be good cuz it will help them adjust better I guess, and get used to the language again and might get rid of the first week depression/culture shock/general feeling of complete death.... hahah I hope.
     Also as a random side note, can I just say how HIL-LAAAAAR-IOUUUSSSS it is how terrified people are of us here.  And like I don´t know how I am just now noticing it... but seriously, people are down right terrified. They see us coming down the street and will literally do anything to avoid us talking to them.  Most people just like all of a sudden have a terribly pressing phone call or something like that but some people are just so hilarious with the things they do to get away from us.  One guy saw us coming like two minutes ahead of time and apparently had to spend that time bent over tying his already perfectly tied shoes... and quite literally the second we passed they were magicallyall done and he booked it... hahah and then yesterday! We stopped to talk to this lady and she freaked and started walking across the street as fast as she could... the street full of heavy traffic.... Sister Dabelko and I completely lost it. It was so funny. This lady would rather risk getting hit by a car and dying than talking to us for 15 seconds at the most and accepting a picture of Jesus... It´s completely ridiculous.  Especially when you think about the fact that we are just two completely clueless americanas who really have no idea what we are doing ever... buuuuuuut apparently we are terrifying... because we want to talk to people about Jesus... tudo bem. tudo bem.
   I don´t really have that much more to write about today... I hope yall have a fantastic week full happiness and joy and love and ice cream and your favorite movies. =D Love you all!
-Sister Rice

P.S. haha look! a ps! I guess I did have more to write! So I have an assignment for yall actually. Go and look up the talk "Lessons from Liberty Jail" by Jeffery R. Holland and read it together as a family this Sunday night, or I guess whenever you have time... It is fantastic. Read it. Do not forget. I will be asking you about it and expect everyone to email me and tell me their favorite parts and why. =D haha yall wont regret it! =] love you!!