Tuesday, July 1, 2014

(265) Rudge Ramos!!!!!!

 May 5, 2014

 Sooo transfers happened and I am now in the Rudge Ramos (Whoooo-Geee Haaaa-Mos) São Bernardo 1st ward! Whooooo! My new companheira is Sister Sequiera! She´s from Africa!! Cabo Verde! She´s so cool and speaks like perfect portugues (they study it there in school) and no english so it´s been great! =D
     I am really loving the ward so far! I haven´t met everyone yet, but the people I have met I love! There is also two sets of Sisters here so that´s fun! We have out lunches together everyday and it´s cool being in a ward where there is enough work for two sets of missionaries!
     The people here in this area are so different than in my last area! They actually stop and talk with you and give you their address and want you to come back and talk with them! hahah It´s pretty awesome and I´m super excited!
     My portugues is IMPROVING a CRAZY amount too! Seriously only being able to speak portugues is helping so much! Some night´s I can´t even write in my journal cuz I cannot manage to put english on the paper... and it's only been a week! hahah I am so excited!
     Oh and also I found out the other week that my return date has been moved up a week... I´m now officially leaving Janurary 6th... instead of the 13th... Sooooo basically y'all can´t celebrate Christmas or my Birthday until I get back... Just save everything. =]
     But yeah sorry I dont have much to say this week! Hopefully this coming week will be more eventful! Love you all! Beijos!

-Sister Rice

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