Tuesday, July 1, 2014

(272) Whoooooooo!!! Rudge Ramos!!

May 19, 2014

Hahaaha yeah I didn´t really have anything else to say up there so yeahhhh... but sorry about not emailing last week I didn´t really have very much to say... =[ Buuuuuut this week I have a bunch! So yay!
      Let´s see... first things first! We are going to see Elder Anderson on Wednesday! He´s coming to visit and talk with us and the Interlagos mission and we are all so excited! haha Sister Sequeira won´t stop talking about it! I will tell you all about it next week! Oh and I´m super excited because I´m gonna get to see the sisters from my MTC District who are in Interlagos! It´s going to be so awesome!

    Also... trying to explain baseball in portugues to Brazilians who don´t even understand the basics is a nightmare... escpecially when you are me and don´t really care about baseball... But seriously, just picture that for a moment when you want a laugh... =]

     Let´s see... Oh! We also have an English class here in Rudge Ramos and this past week we taught people about food... and a large section was focused on Hamburgers..... I taught people english using "I want to buy a Hamburger"... it was hilarious... and no one else got it but that´s ok.  I also taught them about double bacon cheeseburgers and how they are gifts straight from heaven... especially if they have green chilies and are from Blake´s =]

     The work here is good, could be better but good! The people here are so much more receptive! We´ve only had to knock doors once for like 5 minutes! It´s so awesome! We also might be having a baptism soon! I really hope so and will totally send pictures!

     So yeah... this wasn´t exactly the big huge email that I promised last week but... I love you all! And get excited for next week cuz I´m sure my email next week will be full of all the wonderful spiritual insights that I´m going to have during our time with Elder Anderson! =D

   Love you all so much and thank you so much for all the support and prayers!


-Sister Rice

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