Tuesday, July 1, 2014

(300) My new compy comp!!

June 16, 2014

So we had transfers last week! Annnnnnnnnd I have minha nova companheira!! Whoooooo! Her name is Sister Robinson, she´s 24, and she´s from New Zealand!!! that´s right. New Zealand. NEW ZEALAND. As in middle earth! MIDDLE EARTH! I have been dying all week because of it. She has skiied down mount doom. MOUNT DOOM! I told her that I am for sure coming to visit her and that i am carrying her up Mount Doom on my back so we can ski down it... or more likely roll down it, but that´s not important! hahah Seriously I am stoked. I am so excited. hahah It´s actually really funny. We´ve been wanting to be companions for like 3 or 4 transfers now and every tranfser that we are both there we´re always both just like "this is it! this is the transfer!" and then it doesnt happen.  And so this past Tuesday at transfers again we were both just like it is totally 100% happening again, we even stood by each other and everything.  And slowly everyone else was getting called and my anxiety was slowly getting worse and worse and we´re both just like "oh my goodness it´s not going to happen! NO! It´s going to happen! No it´s not!" hahah but then all of a sudden she was hugging the crap out of me and we were companheiras! Whoooo! It´s a Christmas Miracle!  hahah But yeah she´s awesome and it´s pretty cool having her as an companion.  She´s teaching me british english and how to hula and the haka and it´s gonna be great! hahah
      But yeah so that´s great and I love her and also the World Cup started this past week! The first game between Brasil and someone else (who knows, all anyone down here cares about is Brasil) was on Thursday and the next one for Brasil is tomorrow. It´s actually pretty cool! Everyone get super excited and happy and all dressed up in yellow and green and drive around waving flags and honking horns and it´s just a big festa.  We stayed in and studied during the actual game and then went out and worked and it was super calm so that was pretty good. It´ll probably get crazier the longer it goes on but it was still really cool! I remember 4 years ago being out at school and watching videos and stuff about all the excitement of the world cup and thinking about how cool it would be to be from a country that LOVES  soccer or even just be in a country during the world cup and.... BOOM. here I am.  It´s pretty funny how it all worked out. hahah
      Let´s see what else... We´re going to the temple next week! Super excited! We´re going on tuesday so I wont be emailing until tuesday so dont freak out when I dont email monday... also It´s the last time we´ll see President and Sister Tannner! PResident and Sister Braodbent get here on the 26th or the 27th and then BOOM it´s them! We´re gonna have a big getting to know you conference with the whole mission so that should be pretty cool! I´m excited!
      OH! Also! Sister Ray is finally coming! I don´t know if I told you that last week! Sorry if I did but she´s coming and I´m so excited and also Elder Starr and I´m so excited! AAHHHHH!
     Well, that´s all i´ve got for this week... I hope y'all are doing good! I´m doing great! Loving my companion, loving my area, lovin the mishh! (Oh and it´s 11 months tomorrow... make a cake tonight with the elders....=] ) LOVE Y'ALL.

-Sister Rice

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