Monday, June 30, 2014

( 258) Transfers!!

April 28, 2014

So tomorrow is transfers again annnnnnnnnd I am being transfered! I won't know where to until tomorrow during the transfer meeting but yeah... It wasn´t much of a surprise.  I´ve been here 4 transfers/5 months and Presidente practically told me during interviews that I was leaving... I´m a little sad. I love these people here so much and I really really don´t want to leave them at all, but I´m also a little excited to get to know a different area in the mission.  But I do not like goodbyes so that was hard to go through and I still have some left today but that´s just part of the mission I guess!
     But yeah this week has been pretty good. Oh! Some things I forgot to write last week! Abby! I got your card! It was wonderful! I loved it so much! I actually ended up opening it up at the mission office and all the elders who work in there gathered round to hear the secret of life and got really into it and it was great! And I can´t believe that I forgot that they are making The Giver into a movie! That is so exciting!
     Also the other week for District/Zone Meeting I decided to make a cake for everyone... guess what type of cake I made???? Rice cake!! hahahah It was great! An investigator´s mom made it for us one time and we got the recipe and hello it´s the perfect cake for me to make for everyone! hahah it was actually disgusting. It was the first time I´ve baked anything down here in Brasil and it turned out really... weird. BUT none of that really matters! What matters is that Sister Rice brought a rice cake and I thought it was the greatest thing ever! hahaha
       But yeah sorry this email is so short and lame this week... I had other things to write but I can´t remember any of them... but yeah... I hope that y'all have a fabulous week! Hey! Did you ever listen to His Grace is Sufficent by Brad Wilcox??? Cuz if so I have more talks that I´m waiting to give you guys! =] Love you!

-Sister Rice

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