Tuesday, July 1, 2014

(293) Transfers!!

June 9, 2014

I cannot believe that it is transfers again already! This has literally been the fastest transfer of my mission life!  It feels like yesterday I was emailing you guys telling you about my new area Rudge Ramos! Is is going by as quickly for you guys??
     So yeah, transfers tomorrow! I will be staying and my compy comp Sister Sequeira will be leaving... It´ll be hard, she´s been here for 4 or 5 transfers already and it´s hard to leave after that... and I´m gonna miss my companion from Africa! =[ but it will be good and a fantastic transfer!
      And speaking of this transfer, SO MUCH is going to happen this transfer! The two biggest being that President and Sister Tanner are leaving the end of this month and THE WORLD CUP starts next week! I don´t know whether to be excited or scared! hahah It will definitely bring a change to the work here but it´ll still be cool to be here during something so big!
     Also! I think that Sister Ray (my mtc companion) got her visa!!! FINALLY! I am so excited to see her! It´s been almost a year already! It´s going to be so awesome to have her here though!
     We had stake conference this past weekend also! It was really cool! The Saturday night Adult session the Stake President invited all the missionaries and it was all about missionary work and how the members can be more involved and it was really cool! He had us the missionaries do a couple roleplays of members talking to their friends and neighbors and then had everybody there do a couple roleplays as well!! It was so awesome! And they had a special satalite transmission here from salt lake of m. russell ballard and richard g scott for all of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro! It was so cool! And kind of weird to hear Richard G. Scott speaking portugues! hahah I kept expecting it to be english! But it was really cool to actually hear his voice! That´s one thing that I dont really like about not listening to things in english, you don´t actually get to listen to the prophet´s voice... =[ but it was really cool and I understood pretty much everything! whooo hooooo! hahah
     And I really liked what you wrote about your guys stake conference in your email momma! What President Selzak said about weaknesses. It´s really funny  that he spoke about that cuz I´ve actually been thinking about that a lot and how it really is true that the more you are aware of your weaknesses the closer to Heavenly Father you are... which is kind of the opposite of what people want or expect... but it´s true.  If you read Ether 12:27 it says ( and sorry this is paraphrasing... i only have my portugues scriptures with me right now...) "If men come onto me, I will show unto them their weaknesses..."  Come unto me is the invitation that Christ extends for all of us, and is something that all of us to one extent or another want... but i dont think that I know one person who actually really wants to be shown their weaknesses... no one likes that... if i had my way i would hide them all away and only think about rainbows and Doctor Who all day... J/k j/k not Doctor Who... I mean the scriptures of course... =] haha no but seriously it feels like lately all I can see is my weaknesses continuously stewn out before me... I guess this is just cuz I am SUPER close to the Lord =]... hahahaha once again, j/k. sorry I don´t ever get to be sassy or sarcastic in Portugues so it´s nice to get it all out... even if it is just in writing! =]
      But yeah.... I don´t really have anything else to say at the moment.... other than that I love you all and hope that y'all are having a fabulous June so far! Love love love love love love e amor!

-Sister Rice

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