Tuesday, July 1, 2014


 June 30, 2014

 So this past week was crazy!! We went to the temple Tuesday, which was amazing! I love going to the temple! But it was also exhausting... Spending the whole day in São Paulo transito is never peaceful... but i´m super glad we got to go! It´s always nice.
     And then Saturday we had a mission wide conference to meet the new mission president! President and Sister Tanner left Friday night and Saturday morning the whole mission went to the São Judas Capela to meet President and Sister Broadbent! It was so cool! And I love President and Sister Broadbent already! It was really neat, the second I saw them I was just hit with this overwhelming confirmation that he really is our President now and that he was called by God to lead this mission and I love them already!  It was funny. He told us about when they got their call back in October and how that day they had had the missionaries over for dinner and he had just been released as Bishop and was home early for the first time in forever and they were going to go see a movie together but then he checked his phone and he had a message from the secretary of Elder Tom L. Perry.... needless to say they did not go out to see a movie that night... hahah But I am really really excited that they are here and to work with them these next 6 and a half months! (not that anyones counting or anything... hahah)
     Alllsoo Saturday was the first game of the set of games before the quarter finals of the World Cup.... hahah obviously i know a bunch about futebol... but it was between Brasil and Chile and we totally got to watch it!! It was so awesome! Well, actually we only made it in time to watch the second half... and the 15 mintue ovetime, and the 2nd 15 mintue overtime... and then the penalty kicks... It was horribly intense! It came down to being tied up in the penalty kicks all depending on the last save by the Brasilian goalie... I´m pretty sure all of Brasil was dying!  I also officially have a favorite brasilian futebol player! HULK!! (hull-kee) Definitely my fave...and no it has nothing to do with his name... ok maybe just a little bit haha really i just feel cool for knowing any of their names to be honest... but he´s deff the fave.
     But yeah I hope that y'all are doing awesome! I miss and love you guys a bunch! Have a great week!

-Sister Rice

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