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April 22, 2014

 Yay!!! I get to do my blog again! =D We had interviews with Presidente this past Thursday and he said I could do it again! YAY! It was kind of awkward/funny though... I guess apparently he read my blog (!) and couldn´t find anything particularly wrong with it (obviously... i try really hard to not send questionable things obviously) and said that I could continue! But he also said that I was a really good writer... a really good writer... the President of the BYU English Department thinks that I am a really good writer... after only reading the crazy random rushed rambling emails that I send home to yall every week!! BDLDFIHGFOHFJVNHOIJFDVOSIHGPWEJKCGUFIKALHRUGAHFJH!!!  Boom. dead.
     But yeah... that was a pretty delightful highlight of the week.  Let´s see what else happened... I went on exchanges with Sister Cozzens this past week! It was wonderful! I forgot how crazy she is and how much I love her!  It´s kind of weird to have her as my Sister Trainer Leader thingy but it´s nice... hahah I don´t know what I am going to do after she leaves in August! She´s been a part of my whole mission practically! hahah
     And ohmygoodness! May is practically here! How did that happen??? I was just talking to you guys and now somehow it´s happening again! How does time keep going by so quickly?! But I am super excited to talk with you guys in a couple of weeks!!
     Also. I had a pretty cool experience this past week. Sister Dabelko and I were visiting an older lady in our ward who lives alone and she was having a pretty rough day and was pretty upset and discouraged when we showed up... usually we just sing with her and share a message real quick, but this time we knew that it was not going to be a quick visit.  We couldn´t leave her alone again with her still so upset, so we sang and read a Liahona article with her and then we just talked with her.  Just about anything.  I remembered that her grandparents had been Italian and that she had only spoken italian until she was about 13 and so I asked her about that and about her family and we just talked with her and ended up sharing some of our family stories as well.  I ended up telling her about... I think it was Grampy Nothum´s mom (right????) who came over from from Romania with her 5 boys and pregnant and didn´t know any english and only had a sewing machine.... (that was her right??  But yeah I just told her about her and how special and really honestly powerful she was and almost as soon as I was finished talking I was just hit by this GRANDE wave of the spirit and of love to the point where I almost just burst out in tears... and I felt... I guess... pressure almost... on my shoulders... And I knew in that moment that she was there with me... and that she knew me and loved me... This woman that quite honestly I know almost nothing about, (just this one story about her... I honestly couldnt even tell you her name right now) but she knows me and she loves me.  This random little great granddaughter... she was there with me.  I listened to a talk about a month or so ago and the guy talked about how Heavenly Father really does send angels to come and protect us and to be with us and help us, and that more often than not those angels are our family members and loved ones that have passed on before us... I one hundred percent believe it now. One hundred percent.  We are NEVER alone. We have Heavenly Father with us always, and really we have a whole legion of loved ones behind us and pulling for us and with us at every moment. We are never ever alone. And I cannot wait to get back and start to know all of them as well as they know me right now...
     But yeah... that was my experience... and it was pretty cool.... =] I also ate oreos this week... they were disgusting.  One they were not double stuffed... I can´t remember the last time i ate anything but a double stuffed oreo ( can you say entitled americana... hahah) but it tasted like just a regular cracker disguised as a oreo with a little nothing in the middle... it was really weird... They just can´t get ameerican food right down here... Some things yes... the snickers are perfect... but other things heck no. hahah It´s weird...
     But I hope that ya´ll have had a wonderful week! A wonderful Easter! I love you all!

-Sister Rice

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