Monday, June 30, 2014


April 14, 2014

No I have not been waiting since my 2nd day in the MTC to use that when I hit 9 months... =D But seriously! I hit nine months on Thursday! Can yall believe it! I definitely cannot. It´s actually incredibly weird... especially since I still feel like i have no idea what I am doing half the time still. hah =]
    But um yeah... This is officially going to be the lamest email ever in the history of emailing cuz I dont have anything to write about really, other than hitting nine months... Um... I´m almost done with the Book of Mormon again in english and am almost halfway through 2nd Nephi in Portugues... We´re having house inspections and interviews with President this Thursday... ummm no one in my zone has gotten a letter in the past 3 weeks... which is weird especially since we have the mission office in our zone... aka we always get our mail first... We had 5 less actives/inactives in church yesterday. That was pretty awesome. The world cup is starting in like a month... or maybe two... i cant remember... It´s almost mother´s day! (what??! how did that happen.. I was just talking to you guys...) I might be sending yall a package soon...ish. dont get too excited. =]/ if yall are planning on sending a package anytime soon a camera and twizlers would be appreciated... also razers... those things cost an arm and a leg here. hahah It´s so funny the things that they had behind the cash registers for protection here in grocery stores... In almost every single store it´s a combo of alchool (understandable), chocolate (a little stange...) and hygine products like toothbrushes and razors and deordorant (what the heck??) All they all cost a ridiculous amount. haha it´s so funny..
   BUUUUUT yeah. Sorry this week is so lame. I loved the pictures. I love hearing from all yall! Love you so much!

-Sister Rice

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