Monday, February 24, 2014

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This past week was so crazy! Bobby, our dog/our neighbors dog, totally got our this past wednesday while we were trying to leave to go to District Meeting... and we ending up chasing him up and down all the streets around our house for like 20 minutes... it was horrible. hahah Everybody on the street was just staring and laughing at us, the two americanas, chasing after this HUGE black lab... AND THEN he straight up went out to the main road and almost got hit by a bus... A BUS. We almost killed Bobby! Do you know how horrible that would have been?!? The WHOLE mission knows about Bobby and for the rest of our missions we would have been the Sisters who killed Bobby! And how awkward would that have been to go back and tell Christine and Gilberto... "hi uh sorry but your dog is laying dead in the middle of the street up on Jabaquara... sorry bout that... uh gotta go...district meeting..." yeah that would have been a little awkward...

     Oh and then we had lunch with them this past week to and during lunch they tell us that if we see any strange looking little bugs in our house we need to come get them cuz Bobby has these bugs and you can´t kill them and they stick onto you......... aka bobby has ticks... TICKS.  and not like he just has one.... no this freaking dog has ticks like some dogs have fleas... I have no idea where they came from/keep coming from... We saw one on our ceiling Thrusday night and went and got her and were like "uhhhh one of those bugs are in our house" and so she comes in and is all like "yup. you´ve got them all over!" and she proceeds to collect up like 5 of them.... FIVE.  and half of them were the size of beans... BEANS.  It was one of the grossest moments of my life.... we have since found 5 more... aka we are living in tickcity... because of freaking Bobby... sometimes I really cant tell if i love that dog or just hate him... hahah
     Let´s see what else?? Oh one of the ladies we had lunch with this past week said that she was amazed with how much my Portugues has improved and that I almost speak without an accent! I have no idea when that happened but !!!! How exciting is that?? =] I will know this language and become Brazilian!!!
     Also just a warning... I am totally going to have hippy hair when i get back... I am NOT cutting it down here (I can only imagine what a nightmare that would be trying to explain a hair cut in portugues...) and it´s already halfway down my back... I´m so excited. =]
      OHHHH! Guess how many people we had at church yesturday?!?!?!!? 13!! Yup that´s right! Thirteen people!! Eight investigators and 5 less actives! Sister Dabelko and I pretty much had no idea what to do with all of them. It was so crazy. I never thought I would ever have that many people at church, it was wonderful. We have been having really rough weeks these past couple of weeks and this was just such a blessing. And I am so grateful!
      And also. So ever since I first got here and saw my first Brazilian Prostitute here I have wanted to teach all of them so badly (we have a ton since you know what have all the rich people of Brazil in our area. Seriously I never thought I would come to Brazil and work with people a bajilion times richer than me...) or at least give them all Law of Chastity pamphlets... you know, some literature for while they´re workin the corner... Well.... guess who taught her first prostitute??? That´s right. This Sister Missionary! And quite actually she is the most amazing person I have met so far here in Brazil. Seriously I don´t think I have ever loved a person more... well at least since coming here to Brazil. Her name is Marcela and like I said she is amazing. She has a HUGE testimony in Heavenly Father and totally lit up when she realized that we were missionaries and talked to us for like 45 minutes and told us we had to go and talk with her and her family (she lives with her mom and sister and nieces).  Talking with her about Heavenly Father and her testimony was wonderful and I was so full of love for her, but it was also one of the saddest moments of my mission and maybe even my life... She is 34 years old and have been a prostitute for the past 14 years because she was good at doing hair... I don´t think I´ve ever heard anything sadder in my life.  I was almost crying the whole time we were talking to her.  Here was that amazing wonderful person who really honestly thought that all she could do in her life was sell her body for money... I have never wanted to teach someone the gospel more in my life. I have absolutely no doubt that it would help her.  This gospel is for everyone and helps everyone in every single situation. I don´t know if I will get to be the one that teaches Marecela (she doesn´t live in our mission) but I do know that this gospel can help her.
   Buuuuut I´ve gotta go! I have 20 seconds! ahhh! how do i always run out of time! I love you all!
-Sister Rice

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