Monday, February 24, 2014

(198) Transferrrrs

So tomorrow is transfers.... and both Sister Dabelko and I are staying here in Mirandopolis! Which is exciting! I´m pretty excited... I was actually pretty worried that I was going to be transfered for whatever reason and it was actually really terrifying when I realized that if I was transferred I would probably never see these people ever again.... cuz leeeeeets be honesst. The odds of me actually being able to come back to Brazil after the mishh are not in my favor. And so that´s a little upsetting cuz I really do love these people here in Mirandopolis a lot... So I am glad that I get to stay here for another transfer. =] ANND speaking of this upcoming transfer, a bunch of exciting things are going to be happening during it, Carnival for example is the first week of March.... That should be fun... a straight week of studying in the house... hhaha no. I actually have no idea what Carnival consists of to tell you the truth. I don´t know how long it lasts or what we will be doing during it or anything really... but it should be a pretty exciting experience! Also, the end of this transfer could potentially be the 30/31 of march... aka practially April! Nossa! How is that even possible?? Oh and this is going to be my 6th Transfer on my mission... sisters only have 12... aka I will be half way done with my mission at the end of this transfer! Freakin What?! How is that even possible?? I just got goosebumps.
     But yeah. Time for some stories from this past week! YAY! So this past Tuesday we went to a Fruit Fair that apparently has been happening every Tuesday since the beginning of time and how we are just now finding out about it is beyond me... But yeah we went there and bought all of our fruit for the week, aka mangos and pineapples and bananas. BUT we got to try Dragonfruit (yes that´s right, Dragon fruit. it was weird and looked even weirder... dont worry i got pics... you´ll probably see them in a year =]) annd this one fruit called Jaca which was HUGE. Like literally. It probably weighed more than Gid... and they just had like 3 that they were hacking away at getting these little pods of slimy fruit meat or whatever you want to call it that had a giant seed in the middle of each one... When the guys working the stand realized that we were american (which took about .002 seconds...) and had never had it before they demanded that we try it... it was interesting... good. but interesting... But yeah the fruit fair was pretty fun. It filled up this huge parking lot with nothing but just tables of fruit and fish and other weird random things... I almost bought a coconut to drink out of... but it was too expensive... maybe next time =]
     Also I am officially in two knee braces as of today! yay for missions! It´s nothing serious my knees just feel like they are falling apart everytime I sit down or stand up or go down stairs so I figured I´d buy some today... And no I am not still wearing my ankle brace, my new shoes and not walking at the speed of light help with that a lot... which is good cuz two knee braces and an ankle brace would be a little excessive... but yeah i think the braces will help a lot.
    Oh and also I´ve lost 6 more pounds since I last wrote yall about losing 34 pounds! Which roughly about 2 pounds/1 kilo a week... which is crazy! Cuz lets be honest, we are eating all the time down here cuz we have lunch with members everyday (and they refuse to let you eat just a little. Nossa I feel like Im gonna puke all the time after lunches here) and then we just are always hungry! It´s crazy. I feel like Harrison!
    Sorry I have like 30 seconds left before it kicks me off... I love you all!
-Sister Rice

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