Monday, February 24, 2014


     haha not really. But that sounded pretty exciting right?? But no, actually a lot happened this week that I really want to write about so hopefully I will have time for it all!
     First things first. The weather. It has been like in the 90s this whole past week, which apparently is record breaking... they actually even changed our schedules because of it... we have like one hour of personal study in the morning at 8 and then go out and work until lunch and then finish up all our studies at home after lunch so we dont have to be out walking in the hot hot heat of the middle of the day, which is a BLESSING. So yeah it´s been pretty hot right? But quite honestly I didn´t think that it was THAT hot... I realize why now... It´s been 90 degrees with only 22% humidity... TWENTYTWO PERCENT! bahahaha! Do you know what that means?? ST. LOUIS is freaking a thousand times hotter than Sao Paulo BRAZIL! Nossa! I don´t think there´s ever a time when our humidity is lower than like 80% during the summer! And here I was all worried about having to spend a year and a half down here cuz it was going to be sooooo hot and it turns out Missouri is hotter than South America! hahah And now all I can think about is all the missionaries in St.Louis who have to walk around in that! hahaha! Suckers. haha j/k that was rude.... but not really...haha
      So yeah that´s fun. Also. We caught a mouse this past week. Yup, I sat down on my bed to put on my shoes and there he was, just chilling under my bag... and so we got some tupperware and masterfully captured him and then went and put him in this grassy jungle patch we have down the street... He was so cute and tiny! Don´t worry I got pictures. =] And I´m not gonna lie I did kind of freak out a little bit when I first saw him, cuz I totally thought it was the rat that lives in our ceiling who likes to have dance parties in the middle of the night and that would have been UNEXCEPTABLE. But thank goodness it was only a cute little mousy...
      Oh! I also got new shoes this past week... and um... well... I am officially a real Sister Missionary with the gross little strappy shoes... They look just like that horrible mary janeish shoes that I promised myself I would never get... And to make it worse, they are like slightly elevaded so like they are like platform mary jane shoe things... And I have not worn anything other than like Toms (aka pretty much nothing on the bottom) for like 7 years... you can imagine how completely ridiculous I looked trying to figure out how to freaking walk in those things... AND to make it even WORSE I got blisters.... that required socks to ease the pain... no not ankle socks... full on regular socks.... Basically it was the worst thing I have ever had to do... I am not even joking... Just picture walking down a Brazilian street and all of a sudden you see this chick coming at you walking like a straight up freak (cuz i cant walk in raised shoes, and have blisters) in tan mary jane strap shoes with baby blue socks... nossa. But dont get me wrong... I can totally rock the i-have-no-idea-how-to-dress-myself-look ... hahah it was a great week... I think my blisters are finally starting to die so hopefully I can kill the socks soon. Pray for me.
     Let´s see... what else...?Oh! hahahah So Sister Dabelko and I were in this lesson the other day and we are reading to this old lady right, I´m pretty sure she can´t rread, but yeah so we´re reading to her, and Sister Dabelko is reading and like I start noticing that she´s kind of really slurring her words and struggling a little and I´m just like what the heck is happening?? Is my companion dying?? Nope. She was just falling asleep... while reading... out loud... in a lesson... bahahah oh goodness. I could barely keep it together when I realized what was happening! hahah I ended up just reading the rest of the chapter we were reading myself and it was so funny! I didn´t even think that was possible! hahah You know you are on a mission when...your so tired you fall asleep during lessons while reading outloud! hahahh
     Also Sister Dabelko and I had Big Macs this week.  We were at Irma Cida´s and her daughter was all like ´have you guys had McDonalds here yet??´ And we hadn´t (we were going to a couple weeks ago but that fell through) so she rode her bike to Micky D´s and bought us both Big Macs... and let me tell you it was the most delicious thing I have ever had. Sister Dabelko and I both just demolished them in like 2 seconds... It was great to feel like an American again... haha just kidding, I feel like an American everyday with my horrible Portugues that everybody laughs at... hahah =]
     But yeah I have to go! I´m out of time! I love you all!
-Sister Rice

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