Monday, February 24, 2014

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So this past week was pretty good. Well, actually it was pretty hard, but good. Sister Dabelko are finally hitting that wall and finding out why everybody always tells us that our area, Mirandopolis, is so hard. Which I mean it really is... It´s all rich people who have everything they want and dont want to listen to a bunch of Americans butcher their language and rather spend their time washing their 5 cars... aka the United States! haha j/k (rowling) but seriously when you think of missionary work in Brazil you do not think of slamming doors and rudeness... you think of rainbows and unicorns and baptisms, BUT  we are working hard and even with the wall we managed to get 18 lessons this week which really was a miracle and we are so excited to continue on this week!
     We are actually working a lot more with the members this past week which really is a blessing.  Everything is so much easier when you have member help, especially when they know portugues and you do not... we went on divisions with some members in our ward last Monday and it was really good! I went with a ladt named Cida (She is amazing! Oh I love her!) and we taught one of our investigators Luiz, and it actually went good! Even though like I was the one in charge of the lesson and teaching and it was actually really good and like I could understand everything for the most part and all the things i couldn´t Cida helped with and it was surprising awesome. And like I was able to have full conversations with Cida while we were walking so that´s pretty awesome.
     We also had a Zone Breakfast this past week! That was pretty fun! We made french toast and pancakes and bacon and there was PEANUT BUTTER AND NUTELA! They have nutela here, it´s just very expensive and I havent had peanut butter in like a 1000000000000 years so it was wonderful! Yay for being on a mission in Brazil where they dont have necessities like peanut butter and 500 different types of oreos to eat it with... hahaha =]
     No but seriously, it´s kind of actually funny how much your perspective changes being on a mission... Like ok so before my mission I would stalk all these mission blogs of other sister missionaries down here in Brazil cuz I really had no idea what to expect... And I remember one sister in one of her letters was talking about how one night they had to run home like halfway across their area to get home on time before 930 after a lesson... and I remember thinking ´ha yeah no. That better not happen to me/I am never doing that´ and I was like freaking out about what on earth i had signed up for (definitely not running down random foreign streets in the dark, righhhht?) weeeeeelll guess who had to run home this week??? In the rain.... That´s right. This guy. And you know what?? It was the best I´ve felt on my mission. It was like the greatest feeling ever. We cut a half an hour walk into 10 minutes and made it home at exactly 930 and it was wonderful. In that moment it was the most grateful I have been to be on a mission... I have no idea why... I was just so happy to be here and having these experiences, even the experiences that I never thought I would be happy for...
      But yeah, so that was cool. But time for a funny story! So Irma Cida comes out with us to lessons all the time right, and this past week we go to her house, sit down on her couch, and promptly fall asleep waiting for her to be ready to go... both of us... in like 2 seconds... And I´m pretty sure she told some of the other sisters in the ward about it and now they are all worried about our health and telling us we can sleep at their houses during the day if we want and giving us food and everything which is pretty funny... haha
   But yeah I have like no time left! I love you all! Talk to you next week!

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