Monday, March 3, 2014


Yup. That´s right. It was one year ago yesterday that I received my mission call to serve in the Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission... and now look at me! Stylin my way through the incredibly uneven streets of Brazil with my disgusting strappy shoes, broken Portugues, and Americana charm.=]  How did I even get here?? I have no idea...
     But yeah. First things first. Rachy Rach. I got your letter! It was so delightful to hear from you! I would write you back but I kind of still havent figured out how to send letters there yet... but yeah it was wonderful!! And BEKAHHHHHH! You have a baby!!! I don´t know if you read these but OHMYGOODNESS I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! I have been praying for you and every time I´ve been to the temple so far I´ve put your names in and I am so HAPPY!!! =D AHHHHHHH
     ALRIGHT! Now for the good story stuff! Starting with the best! We had NINE investigators at church again yesterday!! 6 of them walked themselves to church without a ride from a member and 2, Elaine and her daughter, where formers who we stopped teaching my first transfer here and just decided to get up and come to church for the first time yesterday morning!!
     Oh and we have SEVEN people on date right now!! Josy and her 4 kids, Diane and a girl name Nayara! They are all so awesome and I love them all so much!
     We also were invited to an English class this past weekend as well... It´s with the other ward (we´ve been trying to start our own for like a whole transfer now but its not really going yet...) and it´s actually really funny cuz the guy teaching it was one of Garrett Egan´s (one of my really good friends from out at school) companions while he was serving down here. He was just like "hey! do you know garrett egan??" And I was like "uh heck yes I know garrett egan!" And then he was all like "Awesome! He was my companion! You should come help with my english class!" hahha So we did. It was fun. It was mostly just a bunch of old ladies trying to learn a little english (this weeks lesson was on asking personal questions politely... It was full of "Just out of curiosity"s and "If you don´t mind my asking"s... I was dying the whole time...) from this super energetic 21 year old Brazilian.... It was fabulous. We are definitely going back this week.
     Let´s see what else happened? Oh. I officially became an elder... or at least when it comes to eating food. I may or may not have at one point this past week consumed a giant bowl of nothing but Jello, frosted flakes, and sweetned condensed milk.....It was the greatest and the worst thing I´ve ever had in my entire life... hahah There was also supposed to be fruit with it and those things were just supposed to go on top of the fruit (jello i understand... but frosted flakes?? really?? annd the brazilians have a crazy unhealthy obsession with sweetened condensed milk... they put it on and in everything....) and somehow I ended up just eating those things... Dont Judge Me. =]
     And now for the spiritual thought. =] This weeks spiritual thought is brought to you from my wonderfully fabulous friend Elder Lincoln Sherwood who is currently serving in Houston, Texas waiting for his visa for Porto Alegre Brazil.  Apparently they had a big something down there in the stake he is serving in about missionary work and this was in his email this week, and I really enjoyed it....:
   "Stop praying for the missionaries to find people and start praying for you to find people. Missionaries are not there so you can help them but so we can help you! Stop feeling guilty about not doing missionary work and start enjoying the blessings of doing it! The Lord is preparing people every day. Alma 13:29."
    BOOM! So yeah! Get on out there and start helping the missionaries in your ward!! They will love it!
    Sorry! I once again am out of time! But just know that I love you all very very very much and that I am so grateful for all of your love and support and prayers!! Love you!!
-Sister Rice

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