Monday, January 20, 2014

(177) I can't think of a good title for this...whatevs

So this past week was really good. Sister Dabelko and I got 20 lessons (the standard of excellence here is 22, so close!) and have seriously been working like crazy... it´s been good. oh! And my one shoes are officially dead. my left one has a huge tear down the side and I totally didn´t realize it until like 3 days after it happened so hopefully i don't get some strange Brazilian foot disease... hahah I should be fine. =] Hopefully I´ll be able to send pics.
      We also had interviews with President Tanner this week and they were awesome! I love President and Sister Tanner so much! Sister Tanner is so amazing. I never thought that I would ever feel so much personal love from someone who had spoken in General Conference before... It´s a little mind blowing. And she loves/knows all about y'all too! She tells me every time I see her how much she loves you guys for how supportive you are and I tell her all about you guys all the time. hahah But yeah interviews went really well. oh and Sister Tanner made us cookies! hahah Real American chocolate chip cookies. It was fabulous. I have no idea where she got the chocolate chips from but we were so grateful!
       Also, Sister Dabelko got bit by Bobby this week...... hahahahahahha not really... Bobby just likes to get excited and start jumping on us and nawing on our limbs and clothes... usually it´s not too bad but he got Sister Dabelko pretty good and actually managed to scratch her an insy bitsy tiny winy bit and she freaked out a little bit and thought she was going to die of a strange disease, even though bobby is a domestic dog and had never left the yard... hahahahah she ended up making me ask our District Leader about it, Elder Lago, and he pretty much just died laughing (especially when he saw the actual scratch, it was like nothing)... it was all pretty funny. But it´s actually pretty funny, the whole mission knows about Bobby... and you are either terrified of him or love him... I´m stuck somewhere in the middle... I usually just quote theIincredibles to him (I´m not happy bob, not happy) and expect him to think it´s funny and stop... that usually doesnt work though... hahahah
     Alrighty, time for just a bunch of randomness... The sun is bleaching my arm hair... like seriously... it glistens in the sun, it is getting so bleached... How long does something like that last?? And is my actual hair gonna start doing that?? Goodness... I´m gonna come home looking like a straight up freak...hahah
     Also, I am losing feeling in both of my big toes... hahaha I don/t know if that is normal and it´s probably just from all the walking, but yeah... part of my big toes feel like they just got shot up with numby stuff at the dentist office... and it´s pretty strange... but at least I don´t feel very much stuff with my big toes... so i guess that´s a blessing... hahah
     Also I ate corn candy today. No, not candy corn, corn candy... candy that tastes like corn. It straight up tasted like I was chowing down on some corn on the cob in hard candy form... it was probably one of the weirdest things I have ever put into my mouth...
     OH! And time for the big news of the week! Are y/all ready for this? I don´t think you are... I have officially lost 34 pounds since being here in Brazil! Yay! Go me! Yay for walking everywhere all day every day! I am officially back where I was when I came out on my mishh (yes yes yes the MTC and New Mexico did me wrong, I know...) But yeah, that´s pretty exciting... 34 pounds in a month and a half... and I still have 12ish months left. Who knows what I am going to look like by the end of it... =]
     But yeah... sorry this has been so random... here's a spiritual thought for y'all. Sister Dabelko and I watched the movie " Finding Faith in Christ" the other day in portugues for our language study and while watching it, it kind of just hit me the fact that Jesus Christ will never have a perfect body.  We all will have perfect bodies after the ressurrection, because of Him and His atonement, but He will always have the scars of His death on His hands and wrists and feet... The only perfect being to ever live on the earth is the only one who does not recieve a perfect body after being ressurrected... Think about that for a little bit... Or maybe I´m wrong and He will, but I don´t think so... If I am wrong, please tell me, but that just kind of blew my mind a little bit. The more I learn about Him and His atonement for us the more I am overwhelmed by His love and my own unworthiness.
      But yeah, I hope y'all are having a fantastic week and I love you all so much and thank you so much for all the prayers and support! I´m gonna try and send some pics now! =] Love you all!

-Sister Rice

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