Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Was not expecting that at all!! This is so crazy! But before I get into all that I'm gonna answer your questions momma so I wont forget. =]  Yes, I got the letter about ethan, I thought I had talked about it last week but apparently I forgot..., but all I really have to say is he would. that so totally would happen to him. seriously. hahah no but that's so crazy!! Also, yes I did buy a jacket, or more actually a coat... which is funny cuz i totally joked about how as soon as I bought it I was going to get my visa and be shipped off to a brazilian summer... let this be a lesson. don't ever joke about such things... hahaha And yes I do still have a bunch of cash for traveling. So we should be good on that. =]
      But on to the awesome stuff! This past week has kind of been super crazy... It started with me almost getting bit by a pitbull while tracking... that was pretty traumatic. haha We were just minding our own business and all of a sudden this crazy pitbull comes out of no where and Sister Toyn starts screaming and taking off for the next house (all the houses here have fences around their yards aka safety haha) and I'm just kind of like what on earth is even happening and the next thing I know this dog is all up on me, snapping and growling not even a foot away from my legs... I honestly thought I was a goner... or at least that my leg was going to be... but um after the longest 4 seconds of my life it just turned around and ran off  and I managed to get inside the gate and get my hands on some rocks... which are now nestled nicely inside my bag forever/until I need to bust some doggie caps with them. =] haha so yeah, that was pretty exciting.
     Let's see... what else... oh! Abby! So Monday night this family took us out to eat at one of the few eating establishments in Kirtland (there's like 4, two of those being Kentucky Fried Chicken and DQ... you can imagine my indigestion... hahaha) called Country Family Diner, and let me tell you something Abby, I fully 100% expected Sam and Dean to walk through the front door the whole time. Seriously. It was like we had walked into one of the sets. All I could think was that Dean would've  loved this place. hahah They had the best green chile bacon cheeseburger I have ever epxerienced in my life and they sold whole pies. Whole Pies! Apple, Cherry, and Pecan! hahahaha I just thought that you would appreciate that. =] so funny.
     Anyways and so then Wednesday was the weirdest day of the mission so far which ended in us spending the night in bloomfield and I don't really have time to get into it now, I'll probably write you about it later today, but it was weird and slightly terrifying but don't worry everything is a ok. =]
     And then Thursday morning is when Lincoln called me to tell me about my visa..!!! I can't even believe it! Sister Pielstick says that I am probably going to finish out this transfer here so that I can finish up 12week before going down, and cuz that's how President likes to do it, that is if the travel office doesn't get all excited and just send me sooner, which they have a tendency to do... I'm fine with either situation really, and of course y'all will know the second I know. =] I just can't even really believe that it's all done!! It's so crazy!! I'm gonna miss everyone here so much! I love them all so much! But I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to get to know them all and have them in my life and we are so coming back here as soon as I get off, k?? =]
     We also went down to Gallup on Friday for the weekend for exchanges. That was fun. I love roadtrips! Even though it was only like 2 hours, but it reminded me of driving out to Utah and I love that so yeah it was fun. We met some really awesome people that the Sisters down there were teaching and we tracted into a bunch of awesome people. Gallup is so much bigger than Kirtland and it was cool to get to see a different part of the mission.  We tracted into this one girl named Becky who just let us in no problem and we ended up having the first lesson with her and she told us how we had perfect timing cuz she had been having a really hard day with missing her family and was feeling really down and she said we were exactly what she had needed and that was just a really cool experience. That doesn't happen very much up here in Kirtland.
     Hahahaha oh and guess who gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday?? Yeah, me. It was horrible. hahah That hasn't changed much. Still a nervous wreck. BUT I totally didn't even write everything out word for word like I always have to... I just kind of had it all outlined, so that was awesome. It was on Family Home Evening as a missionary tool. hahahah coincidence(I have no idea how to spell that word... don't judge me.), I don't think so. =]
     Well, I love you guys all so much. And yeah you can forward this to whoever you want momma,  . As long as it keeps getting up on the blog. =] I'm probably gonna write you guys a letter later today if I don't fall asleep. hahaha love you guys so much!
-Sister Rice

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  1. Sis Rice - I have it on good authority (but don't recommend you try it out everywhere you go), but dogs are afraid of the black name tag. It blinds them, I think, or something like that! LOL Keep the big ol' rocks though just in case! ♥