Thursday, October 17, 2013

(91) Pictures!!

ok so it has taken me way too long to read all my emails and other things so i am going to send all the pictures to you guys now and then if i have time send an email, and if not a letter. sorry! also i havent gotten your guys letter yet, which is weird. i was looking forward to it all week! hopefully soon! love you!
1. a member gave us green chilies out of his garden. "Oh yeah, this is gonna be a good one."
2. i drank this pitcher full of water in under 4 mins. yes it was the greatest moment of my life. yes, it hurt. yes, i was scared for my life afterwards (cuz of that one story about that one mom, trying to get the xbox you know). yes, there is video. sadly sister cozzens has it and it is too big. but seriously. boss.
3. missy and i on her baptism!
4. us in the caves on the rez on sister cozzens last pday at like 4 in the morning!
5. these are the mountain hill things we climed up to get to the cave... at 4 in the morning... ha
6. us at the temple later that day with Jessi James! She's going on a mission in december!
7. Sam and dean??
8. the james' had a tardis! booyahh oh and that's my new companion sister pielstick!
9.  more tardis!

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