Wednesday, November 6, 2013

(105) hey y'all! :]

So I should have enough time for this, we're emailing in Farmington today at the Library, and apparently if there are too many people here wanting to use the computers they kick you off after half an hour no matter what, which uh needless to say is stressful. But I have 16 mins left so hopefully it will all be good. But I might not get pictures in today... We'll see.
     Anyways... I LOVED you package! I got it last Tuesday! It was super lame, but it was perfect and I loved it so much! The cardinals chap stick was perfect! I gave one to Tiarra cuz she was keeping me updated on the games and rooting for the red sox and I knew she would love it hahah I'm a little disappointed with our cards... hhaha and I totally knew that you had talked to Lincoln when I saw the subway giftcard! =] thank you so much! And I have a confession.... I totally told Lincoln what you said about him marrying Abby! Well, I mean I told everyone, not just Lincoln, but it's just so funny cuz almost every missionary here in Kirtland has told him he needs to marry one of their siblings or cousins and it was just hilarious.  He says he'll have to go tanning everyday to keep up with our darkness... hahaha But yeah, thank you so much for the package, it was wonderful! Oh and I love the pens that you sent! So cute!
     But yeah, Halloween was pretty fun. Or well, the day before Halloween was. They had their stake Trunk or Treat that day and we went and passed out candy and it was a lot of fun! I have pictures to send you guys! IT WAS SO COLD!  But we survived. And then Halloween we had to be in by 8 and we ended up going to this family history training for like two hours before that, which was super interesting but, a lame way to spend halloween, especially compared to what we usually do with the elders and stuff, but it was good. Oh and speaking of family history, I realized on Family Search I have some names that I reserved like 500 years ago, 2007, and never did anything with... I don't know if you want to get onto my account and try to see if you guys could go do their work or not, but I felt bad when I realized they had just been sitting there since 2007... Idunno... I guess if you could just get on and look at it that'd be cool. thanks! =]
     Oh and then on Sunday we had this really awesome lesson on Family History. Our Bishop, Bishop Huffman, was asked  to teach pretty much everybody in the ward this lesson about FamHist and it was recorded and apparently is being sent to Elder Tad McCalister! (I have no idea how to spell his name... whatever...) So that was pretty cool. Everybody from 12 and up was packed into the Relief Society room and there were cameras and microphones and guess who was on the front row... that's right. ME. hahaha That was a little intimidating but it was really cool. And they passed out these really neat new famhist pamphlets, I don't know if you've seen them, but I'm prob gonna send mine home and you can look at it then. I'm planning on probably sending a package home before I leave for Brasil, of all the stuff I don't want to take down there.... It's not much but it's added weight. 
     But um anyways, this week wasn't very eventful... nothing really happened... Oh! I realized that that little Taco Bell dog from those commercials all those years ago was always saying 'I want Taco Bell" in spanish in the commercials! "Yo quiero Taco Bell" !!! Who knew!?! Not me. hahahah Sister Toyn said it the other day and I finally realized what he was saying, cuz it's so similar to portugues. Who knew learning portugues would be so beneficial?? hahah
     Oh and we might be going to Mesa Verde next week!!!!! I AM BEYOND EXCITED. Lincoln might be taking us! So look out for pics of all my wildest 3rd grade dreams coming true soon! =] 
     But yeah that's pretty much it... Um one shout out... Rachy Rach I have no idea if you read these or not but if you do could you send me your address so I can write you?? =]  OH! and also! If I get any Thor 2 spoilers from any of you at anytime I am going to be very unhappy and it will not be good for that person in 14 and a half months when I get off and come and kill you.... =] hahah oh and speaking of Thor, Elder Sutherland is going home this week right???! Tell him I say hi when you talk to him and that I hope he enjoys the movie and that I am super jelly!  
     LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Talk to y'all next week! Write me! Seriously, no one writes me! Get it together y'all! =]

-Sister Rice

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