Thursday, October 17, 2013

(84) Oi!

Alright so first off, sorry that last weeks email was so lame. I had to cut it short a little bit cuz we had kind of a baby emergency (as in small, not child...hahah) to take care of buuuuut it's no prob and all is good now. =] And hopefully today's email will make up for it.  Oh and also before I forget, Momma, do you have Anderson's address?? I found something at Walmart for him that I just had to get and I am super excited to send to him... but I  don't have his address... If that is something that you could send in your letter this week, that would be so awesome! Thanks! Oh and also  I forgot my camera back at home so once again no pics this week... Sorry! But just think next week is gonna be so awesome! =]
     SO the big news of the week is TRANSFERS! And I'm not gonna lie, I kind of hate transfers. They are so stressful. Seriously, it was the worst. Not knowing if you are going to stay or go or where you are going to go and who else is going to go and who is going to come here.... all of it, just a nightmare... buuuut I've got some good news... I'm staying here in Kirtland!! YAY! I'm so happy! Staying here for only one transfer really would've sucked a lot.  There are so many people here that I love so much and want to get to know better! I am so excited. Sister Toyn is also staying! And then we are getting another sister, Sister Pielstick.  Also since Sister Cozzens decided to get her visa to Brazil and leave us all behind... not that I'm bitter or anything. hahah But no it was really hard saying goodbye to Sister Cozzens but I am so excited for her! We dropped her off yesterday at the mission home and she began her 23 hour travelings down to Brazil this morning! It's so exciting and I know that she is going to love it and that they are going to love her!
     And then there was General Conference this weekend!! Oh man it was fabulous!! Pretty much every single talk was perfect! I was trying to think of my favorites but I have too many and it would totally take way too long to talk about them all so I figured I would just write up some of my favorite lines from the weekend! The first is from Edward Dube (wasn't he awesome!! loved him.) and the line "In the service of the Lord it's not where you serve but how."  This was so perfect.  I've been thinking about my visa a lot lately, especially with Sister Cozzens getting hers, and I've realized that I really do really want to go to Brazil.  I mean I love New Mexico and I love Kirtland and I love these people, more than I thought I would ever be able to, and I don't really want to leave them at all, but at the same time there's been this ache in the back of my heart (is that a thing?? whatever. It is now.) of just wanting to be in Brazil so badly.  And I wasn't completely sure what to do with it.  Cuz I've been pretty good for the most part of accepting where I am and that I will get down to Brazil when I am supposed/needed, and then all of a sudden I really really wanted to be down there... and that line was exactly what I needed. It reminded me that all that matters is how I am serving the Lord and the people that I am with now, not where and who. I am so blessed. I get to serve pretty much two missions for the price of one...on two seperate continents! There is so much for me to do here in New Mexico, in Kirtland, and I am so excited to continue doing it and to continue loving these people!
     So yeah, that was one of the first things that stood out to me at conference.  And then of course there was Elder Bednar's talk (I love him so stinking much! haha) and the line: The blessings being poured out in many cases is often a greater capacity to act more to change our circumstances... I paraphrased that, but, that was basically it and it too was perfect. And then there was Jeffery R. Holland's "We are infiintely more than our limitations" and Richard G. Scott's "The Lord sees weaknesses differently than He sees rebellion; He sees them with mercy." Can you tell who my faves are?? hahah All of them were so so good! If you didn't get to see conference this weekend go look it  online right now! It was so fantastic! Oh and the stake center here in Kirtland is pretty much almost an exact copy of our stake center and it was super weird watching Conference there cuz I totally  expected to be able to turn around or walk down the halls and see all of you guys there! It was weird! hahah
     But yeah so that's the big big news of the week. I loved your big news! James is getting married!! That's so exciting! I mean I totally saw that coming like 500 years ago but it's so exciting! And Allie's getting married too! So many weddings! AHH! hahah But yeah I'm really glad everything is going so great back home! I love hearing about it all!
     Oh and I got the Primary's package this week too! I loved it so much! Tell them thank you for me! I'm planning on writing them, but I just wanted to let them know now that I got it and loved it and love and miss them! Also I got the insurance card! Thanks! Also....I was wondering if maybe... it would be possible if I could get another pair of Toms... my red ones have a pretty decent sized hole building up on the bottom (don't worry I haven't duct taped it yet...) and it's making me so sad! I love my Toms! hahah They're easier to wear here just because we have a truck and don't do any actual intense walking yet, which will not be the case in Brazil, but I thought I'd just ask =]
     Love you guys so much! I hope you guys have a great week and I can't wait to write to you guys again Monday! And send pictures! It is so going to happen next week! I promise! Te Amo!!
-Sister Rice

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  1. I love that quote: "The Lord sees weaknesses differently than He sees rebellion; He sees them with mercy". Yup. Pretty much love that. (((hugs)))