Thursday, October 17, 2013

(70) heey!

So I don't think I have time to write out a full email... I will be writing an actual letter later today though... sorry I spent too much time trying to get in other people before this one and didn't realize what time it was... but yeah, I am for sure sending some pictures though! The email thing is being weird though so I'm just gonna attach them to the email instead of actually putting them into the email... whatever. here they are. =]
1. My distirct here in Kirtland. Back row left to right: E. Jashinsky, S. Toyn, S. Jeffery, S. Paramore. Front Row: E. Kuns, E. Moser, E. Pulson, S. Cozzens, and then ME! hahah
2. Sister Cozzens before trying to break the pancake eating record at pancake breakfast.  She was going for 40... She only did 20... which is the plate in front of her in that pic! hahah
3. We all have the same shirt! Aren't we cute??
4. Sometimes I get bored in the Library while we are making copies....

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