Thursday, September 5, 2013


HEY! OHMYGOSH! It feels like I have been waiting weeks for this! This has easily been the longest week of the mishh so far, most likely cuz I haven;t heard from any of you, cuz none of you had my address or anything. I am so used to getting DearElders almost every day in the MTC! But that is so gonna change now cuz I can finally give you guys my address!! It's the mission address just because it's the best way to make sure that I get all my mail for sure just in case i get transfered or get my visa... 400 W Apache St. Farmington, NM 87401. Y'all better write me!
     SO! Here I am in New Mexico! It's so crazy! The flight last Monday went really well, just two short, one hour flights into Durango, Colorado and then a 45ish minute drive into Farmington to the Mission Home. President and Sister Batt are so amazing! I love them! They fed us lunch when we got there and then gave us all pillows and told us to pick a spot and nap! It was so fantastic! There were missionaries everywhere just passed out! hahah I got up at one point to go to the bathroom and found the hallway leading to it completely blocked by a sea of snoring elders, completely out and dead to the world! hahah But yeah it was so nice to get to nap, especially since we had been up since like 3 in the morning.
     Well... except for one thing... I was kind of sick the whole time... It was so horrible. I felt like such a loser, the new missionary sick and puking (yes, puking, i know, what the heck??!) on her first day...( yeah yeah yeah laugh it up) but Sister Batt was so nice and took really good care of me so stop worrying mom. Everybody all went to a testimony meeting that night and Sister Batt brought along a pillow and blanket and had me sleep in the back of the room... so I totally selpt through my first official mishh testimony meeting... lame, I kow, but I am so not ashamed... I felt so bad... hahaha
     I also kinda slept throught most of my first full day in the mishh too... Which was totally lame and upsetting but my new companions were so great about it and took good care of me! Yup, that's right, I said companions! I'm in a trio! My new comapnions are Sister Cozzens and Sister Toyn.  Both have been out for six months  and Sister Cozzens is actually a Visa Waiter too!! AND her mission is the same as mine! Brazil Sao Paulo Sul!! We are both so excited about it! But seriously I am so loving havning both of them as my companions, it's so much fun!
    For example. Funny stopry.  So both of them watched Glee before coming out on the mishh (I know right?? blahhh) but neither of them knew that that one guy, Finn/Cory Monteith, or whatever his name is, had died... So I told them and they totally freaked out and were really sad but now we totally talk about him all the time. Sister Cozzens and I actually somehow managed to convince Sister Toyn that he actually died of a hot dog overdose at a hot dog eating contest... as in like eating himself to death with hotdogs... and she straight up believed us for like a solid 20 minutes!!! It was so funny! We were dying over that for so long!
     Sso I'm with both of them in this little town called Kirtland, New Mexico.  It's about 20 mins outside of Farmington.  It's pretty cool. I mean it's really brown and really new mexico but cool. We're in the Kirtland 1st Ward (there are 5! in this little town! it's crazy! and all of them have a set of missionaries, it's so awesome!) But  we have the smallest area in the history of the world... I'm pretty sure at it's widest it's maybe a mile... it basically just consists of only 4 main roads... It could easily be a walking or bike area but we get to drive around in a little truck... I have no idea what kind of truck it is, but it's pretty cool and I love it.
   This past week has been amazing! Even with the being sick the first couple of days.  We've been teaching this 15 year old girl Tiarra who is on date for baptism Sept. 14th,  who is just the most amazing person I have ever met.  And we're also teaching her Aunt Stacie and her daughters. They are such an amazing family and we all love them so much!!
     Let's see what are some other things that we did this week... Oh! We worked in a greenhouse! The Kirtland 1st Ward Relief Society Pres and her husband own a bunch of them and we went over and did service for them helping them pinch flowers and stuff so that was pretty fun.  We also taught mutual and relief society this past week, both about missionary work.  That was pretty cool/nervewracking...
     Sorry I didn't get to email yesterday... the college that we email at was closed for memorial day... but it was so awesome to get to read all your emails today! It was great hearing about all your escapades with Shane this past week, it sounds like it was a lot of fun! The pansy still hasn't written me yet... and EMILEE PUGH! IF YOU ARE READING THIS I NEED YOU TO TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE GOING ON YOUR MISHH RIGHT NOW!!! I NEED TO KNOW!! AND MADISON DENNIS AND MIRANDA MCMAHON! WHERE ARE YOU?!?! I REALIZE YOU ARE STARTING SCHOOL AND ALL THAT JAZZ BUT I NEED YOU TO EMAIL ME RIGHT NOW/WRITE ME SOME LETTERS STAT!.
   love all you guys so much! Can't wait to talk to you again next week!!!
-Sister Rice

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