Thursday, September 5, 2013

This is an email sent to us from one of the members in Sydney's ward.

Brother and Sister Rice:

Just a quick note, your daughter and her companions had dinner with us last evening.  Which we celebrated their picture on the front page of the local Newspaper.  I asked them to give me their parents email address so I could send the picture, the article doesn't say anything about them, only under the picture.  But it was a cute picture and we wanted to share it with their families.

Sister Rice is new to our area, but we look forward to getting to know more about her.  As we sat around the table, I asked them what the news was from home.  And they each shared the news they received that day.  Sister Rice Loves Her Family!!   What a sweet young women, your daughter is, Kirtland Area is blessed to have her with us.  

We will take especially good care of her while she serves here in Kirtland.

Sister Colleen Wethington

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