Monday, September 9, 2013


Alrighty. So this week was pretty awesome. ummmmm... I don;t know... I'm having trouble starting this email.... which is crazy since I don't have that much time left... so  I guess we'll just dive right into my favorite parts of the week...
      So this week was great. We had 12 lessons and we have 3 people on date for baptism in the next 3 weeks! We are so excited! One of them, Tiarra,  is getting baptized this Saturday!! I think I mentioned her in my last email,  but we are just so excited for her! She's 15 years old and just so awesome.  She enrolled herself in seminary 3 days before she told us and just loves the gospel so much! And we are so excited for her! The bishop got her tickets to go see conference with her aunt up in Salt Lake and then the stake is having a stake youth temple trip a week after that and she is going to get to go to! She is so excited!
      We are also teaching her Aunt and cousin, Stacie and Missy.  They are getting baptized on the 28th, and her aunt Roxane is one of our recent converts that we have in our ward, so basically we are over at their house all the time, and it's wonderful! I love their family so much, and they are so fun! Oh and actually Tiarra and Roxanne added me on facebook, so  if you could accept their friend requests tha would be awesome!
     And it's so cool that you got to talk to Sister Shrum! Her and Elder Shrum were the couple that picked us up from the airport! They are so sweet and nice.  And yes we got all the paperwork done and Sister Shrum sent it out to you.  If you don't have it already then it should be getting to you soon! Yay!! I am so excited to get my visa going again! haha
     We also started teaching a girl named Kashley this past week.  She is so great! Our first lesson we had with her we spent a lot of the time talking about her favorite scriptures, all of which were in the Doctrine and Covenants! She has been going to church for a couple of years but couldn't get baptized until she was 18 because her parents wanted her to wait, but she is so ready and so excited! And we are so excited to get to teach her!
     We had a game night this past Saturday! It was so much fun! There's a baseball field right next to the church building and so all 5 sets of missionaries got together and invited all our investigators and families from our wards to play kickball! It was so great! We had a bunch of people show up! We're hoping to keep doing it and to get more and more people each week.  It reminded me of the volleyball nights you guys used to do... do you guys still do that?? you totally should.
     And can I just tell you another thing, I am loving New Mexico.  The weather here is actually pretty decent surprisingly! It's monsoon season (hahah yeah I know, who knew that new mexico had a monsoon season??) and so it storms here all the time and we get lightning storms and it's just fantastic! I don't think I would ever move here permanantly... especially since the summers here are apparently killer, but I am really enjoying it out here.
     But seriously, I really am loving it here. I love being on a mission.  Every now and then it hits me that this is what I get to do for the next 16ish months (!!! can you believe that it's already been 2 months!! ahhhhh!!!), that I really am a missionary, and that I get to study for 4 hours a day (yes, we study for 4 hours every morning... personal, comp, 12 week, and then lang. our day doesn't start until after 12) and I get to teach people all the time and it's just amazing and such a blessing. I know I've only been out on my mishh for 2 months, but I have already changed so much from the person that I was when I said goodbye to you all and I can't wait to see the person that I am going to be by the end!
    Ok , ahhhh i am running out of time! Alright. Funny stories... So basically pretty much everybody in the town of Kirtland, NM lives in a trailer.  We live in a trailer... it's a double wide and it's huge, but it's a trailer, and it's kind of weird... But apparently it's just the thing to do here in kirtland... but  so we are kind of convinced that something is living under our trailer/house.... and it's either a skunk or a human... We actually almost got attacked by a skunk the other night! It was slinking around in our yard when we pulled up for the night and we freaked out and didn't know what to do and we ended up calling the other sisters who live with us  and told them to make sure that the door was unlocked and made a mad squealing dash for the house.... the squealing probably wasn't the best decision if we were trying to avoid scaring the skunk...(is that how skunks work?? I don't know... hahha) but yeah it was terrifying.  And we  are pretty sure that it lives under our house and sends it's stink up through our vents every now and then... which as you can imagine is just great.... and then there are all these awful loud bangings that go on at night... so I am pretty convinced that there's a human down there too and that they're best friends who've bonded over making our lives miserable... hahah
    I'm out of time... I'm gonna write another letter later today so look for that! It's gonna have all the scriptures that I enjoyed and thought were funny, in it!  I love you guys and love hearing from you and can't wait to talk to you again next week!!
-Sister Rice

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