Monday, September 16, 2013

(63) hey y'all

Alrighty so obviously like every other week I don't have much time but hopefully I'll be able to get everything in!
     TIARRA GOT BAPTIZED SATURDAY!! AHHHHHH! It was so wonderful! I can barely even explain it, but it was just so wonderful! She is such a wonderful person, and she was so happy and we were all so happy for her! Bishop baptized her and then afterward we asked everybody to write down their testimonies or just a note to her and we're gonna put them into a book for her and it was just so special! OH! and there were 84 people there! 84!!  It was crazy! But we were so happy for her and the fact that so many people came to support her and will continue to be there for her and support her! AHH! I just love that girl so much! (and it has nothing to do with the fact that she plays black ops... hahah well, kinda just a little... haha)  Roxanne is her aunt. I am so excited that you guys are friends on facebook! We love taking pics together for her to put up for you guys! 

    So yeah Tiarra's baptism was so wonderful! Stacie and Missy's are next! Not this week but the next! We are so excited for them!  It has been so amazing seeing the change that has come over Stacie while we have been teaching her. At first she wasn't sure if she wanted to be baptized, even though she wanted it, just becuase of all the things that she would have to give up... it was to the point where we were ready to back off... but about a week ago, she changed.  She came to us and told us she wanted to be baptized, that she knew giving up these things would be hard but that Heavenly Father would help her and told us about the happiness she has in her life now.  She reads her scriptures every night with her daughter Missy and comes to church and is teaching FHE tonight!! It really was amazing to see that change in her... and I know that it was all thanks to Heavenly Father.  We were ready to back off but He obviously knew better.
     Ah!! I just love it here! I love the people and I actually really just love New Mexico! I'm not gonna lie, I fell in love with New Mexico this past week.  It took me almost a month but seriously I was just standing there one evening, minding my own business, and BOOM! the beauty of New Mexico overwhelmed me! hahah I mean, I will have to admit, it is very, very brown, and rocky and very different from anywhere else I have lived but it is so  beautiful. I don't care what any of you say! =]
     Um let's see... funny things real quick. Oh! We caught a skunk! The elders found us a skunk trap and we caught one! It was just a little baby one though so we are pretty sure there's another one still chillin' with the human under our house.  Yes, we are still convinced there's a human under there, especially since we found a little cellar door thing that leads under there... seriously. so creepy. hahaha
     Alrighty I've gotta go! I'm gonna try and send pics with my remaining time! And then more letters! Thanks mom and dad for the letters you sent! they were perfect! Everybody else... step it up! =] Love y'all!!

-Sister Rice

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