Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bonus Letter!

    Alright, so I totally just got down mailing you and I honestly didn't get half of what I wanted to put the email.  Ok, so they changed what my mission looks like!  Remember how they were making a new mission out of ours?  Well, the Brazil Santos Mission took all of our coast!  There is not coast/beach in our mission anymore!  I am so sad!  I was so looking forward to getting to see the ocean!  But, we actually have more of the city of Sao Paulo now, so that's pretty cool.  Before we had such a small little part of the actual city, so it's a fair trade, I guess...or at least that's what I keep telling myself.
    Oh, so Sunday's here at the MTC we have films in the evening.  We usually have a devotional speaker at 7pm and then at 8pm we can go watch a film like the Restoration or like Legacy/stuff like that.  Or, we can go see films of old talks and stuff.  So, this past Sunday, Sister Ray and I went and watched Elder Bednar's Character of Christ talk.  And it was so FABULOUS!  Seriously, it was so good.  I would highly recommend it to everyone.  I don't know where you would find it online, but you should try to find it and watch it!  It is so good!  He talks about how Christ's character or one part, maybe the biggest part was the fact that Christ was constantly turning outward towards other people during his trials, when the natural man/us almost always without fail, turn inward.  And I am probably really bad at explaining, but it was just a wonderful talk that you should look up.  It is kind of geared toward missionaries, but it can totally be applied to everyone.
    Oh, and also!  One of our Sister Trainer Leader came in to see how we were doing and talk, which they do every night.  So she came in Friday night and told us about how her companion had twisted her ankle and chipped a bone earlier last week and was on crutches and couldn't walk and in pain AND was told that she probably was going to need surgery AND probably just be sent home AND not get reassigned/end of her mission.  So, obviously she was pretty upset about that.  But, Friday they were resting in their room since it was P-day and when she woke up her companion asked her how she was feeling and she told her that she needed a blessing. She wanted Elder Fields to give her a blessing and she would be healed. Which obviously her companion was like uh sister, isn't that a little much to be asking? but the girl was 100% sure if she got a blessing from elder fields, she would be healed. So later, right before everyone on her district left the classroom for the night, she asked elder fields if he would give her a blessing. She went to every single person in the room and asked them if they had the faith for her to be healed and if not, if they could please leave. Then elder fields gave her the blessing, but he didn't specify when she would be healed or anything, just that she would be healed in the lords time according to her faith and the faith of those in the room. They then went back to their room and our trainer was getting ready to go visit everybody and was thinking about what she was going to talk to us about and then her companion started bawling and told her that she knew exactly what she would tell us. She then took off her brace and started walking around the room with no problem, completely fine. After a week of swelling and pain. That was a miracle! An actual miracle! That sister was going to need surgery and go home and she was healed! I'm pretty sure she straight up ran a mile the next day! And it happened just right next to us! I have been talking to the elder that gave her that blessing just an hour before it happened. I can't tell you how amazing it is to know that things like that, miracles, actually do happen. To realize the power that these elders really do have. The small, baby child 18 year old boys have the power of God and can perform miracles and it blows my mind a little bit. The knowledge that i am literally surrounded by people whose faith is immeasurable and powerful enough to heal and be healed. There is no where else on this earth i would rather be for the next 18 months than surrounded by and numbered with these other missionaries. I know that without a doubt i am suppose to be here and that my mission is going to be full of miracles if i exercise even the smallest particle of faith.
    Well, I think that is all i have time for. I may or may not have fallen asleep and took a nap during my letter writing time so i am finishing this up right before bed. I miss you guys muito muito! Can;t wait to hear from you guys!! I loved getting your letter tonight momma, that was wonderful! Harrsion where is my letter? Abby, you're quote is coming don't worry, love the last one. Love you dad! Love you Gid (hahahah). 

                           Ev amo voces!
                                      Love Sister Rice

   Oh! And please tell sister Gadberry thank you for me. Her primary class sent me pictures and it was wonderful!! I love them!

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