Sunday, August 18, 2013

(31) WEEK 5

    So at the beginning of the week Sister Hancock stated that she was going to have nothing to write home about this week... and then everything that could ever happen happened. hahah well, except for visas but that's not that much of a surprise. No one else has gotten their visas since Sister Doman and Sister Tucker. And at this point if we got them we would just stay here until the end cuz NEXT WEEK IS OUR LAST WEEK! OHHMEEEGEEEE.hahaha yup. we get our reassignments next week!! We are all pretty excited, it's like a new mission call! So yes you will definitely be hearing from me next week with where I am going. They have usually been coming on Fridays buuuut they came on Thursday this week, so we aren't sure when we'll find out! But I totally get to email you and tell you guys and then we get a phone call at the airport (!!!!) so yes you will be hearing from me! :D
     Alright so yeah, Sister Hancock made that comment and then boom everything happened! Tuesday all us sisters and most of the elders went to go sing in the choir for the devotional (yes i sang in the choir, and yes it was great... shhhhush.) And so we are sitting there practicing and Sister Jackman and I started to notice how nice the setup on the floor looked. Like there were plants and waaaay more chairs down on the floor than usual and they usually put the name of the speaker on the jumbotron thingy but they were totally freaking out that it was an apostle or President Monson.  And so then everybody else who wasn't in the choir finally all showed up and we all started singing the prelude songs and stuff and in walks Elder Richard G. Scott!! It was so cool! We all stood up as soon as we saw him while singing and it was wonderful!  And he gave such a good talk! He spoke on prayer and our relationship with Heavenly Father and seriously as soon as he started talking the whole place was crying. AND he straight up gave all the missionaries who are learning a language an apostolic promise that if we work hard and have faith, we will be blessed with the spiritual gift of tongues and be able to quickly learn the language! and he said it twice! At two different times! It was such an awesome wonderful experience!  I love Elder Scott! He is such a sweet, sweet man!
     So yeah that was totally great and then the next day on Wednesday we all got to host!! Which means that basically my district and a bunch of others all stood on the curb in front of the MTC and got to tear 822 new missionaries from their families! It was so much fun! hahaha Basically we just would grab a noob from their cars/families, take them to go get their stuff, carry their luggage for them, show them their residence, and then take them to their classroom. I got to host 4 new sisters and it was pretty cool. But um seriously we were all freaking out that we were actually doing it cuz that means that like we've been here long enough to know how to pretend  we know what we are doing here and that's just crazy! Literally it feels like it was just yesterday that I was the one being hosted, scared out of my mind... So crazy.
     Yeah so hosting was a ton of fun. It was so nice to get out of class and I only got lost once! Not as bad as Sister Ray though...!! She somehow managed to lead her new sister down into the male international dorms (I couldn't even tell you where the heck those are...)!! bahahahah so funny.
     Um yeah so I know that I said a bunch happened this week and that I've only told you about like two things... but I think that's  all the big stuff... hahah whatever... it felt like a bunch had happened! hahah OH! Today we get to go to the temple for the first time since we've been here since it's been closed for cleaning!!! We are so  excited!! It is going to be so awesome!
    Also. Hugs. or more the lack of hugs.  I'm pretty sure the fact that as sisters we are not allowed to hug the elders in our district is the worst thing that has ever happened in this world/the hardest part of the MTC... haha you think I'm joking, totally not.  It is literally the strangest thing to get done having an awesome testimony meeting with your district who you love more than is comprehendable(i spelled that wrong, dont judge me), full of tears and happiness and the spirit, and have to settle for a solid, two pump handshake from the elders...  THE. WORST. THING. EVER. hahahaha but whatevs... we've all just decided we're gonna have a big hugging party in two years and it's gonna be the greatest thing to happen on this planet.
     Alrighty, I think that's pretty much everything. Thank you so much to everybody who sent me letters and DearElders this week! They make my life every single time!! I love hearing from all of you! OH! also fave portugues word ever. Are you ready for this??? Paralelepipedo. (para-laylay-peepee-do) BOOM.  yes. that is a real thing. What does it mean you ask?? cobblestone. hahaha just the best. 
     I hope you guys are all doing great! I can't wait to write you guys next week and tell you about my reassignment!! Miranda, where  have you been?? write me. now. I need to hear from you. haha Love you all to death!!!

-Sister Rice

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