Sunday, August 4, 2013


    Alrighty. Let's see. I dont have as much to write you guys about this week so hopefully I will have time for everything AND sending pics! yay! pictures! hahah
    Anyways this week has been good! Still loving the MTC.  It's just the best. I see Irmao Nothum all the time and I see Elder Anderson like at least 3 times a day cuz his meal times are scheduled right after mine so that's fun. We talk at each other in Russian and Portugues, and by talk I mean he talks to me and I just kind of say any random Portugues words that pop into my head... so that's fun. hahah It's kind of super hard not to call him Ethan though, Im always messing up with that... but that's ok I guess. =]   Still haven't hit the 'ohmygoodnesswhatonearthamidoinghereletmedrowninmytearsofoverwhelmedness' point yet, still going strong. soooo hopefully that will never happen and my whole mishh will just be full of rainbows and butterflies and unicorns and baptisms. Wouldn't that be nice?
    Portugues has been going good. Still teaching lessons in all portugues, though we do use some notes in some of them... It's kind of difficult cuz you feel like you know nothing and need to know more more MORE  and then you realize that you've only been here for two weeks and you are praying and teaching whole lessons in portugues already and that is pretty fire actually. hahah it's going good though... the grammar part of it is annoying and hurts my head though. We learned about subjunctive tenses yesterday and out teacher explained it as talking about possible alternate realities... and i may or may not have totally spaced out at that point and was only able to think about Pete's World and how the Doctor had to leave Rose on that beach and how horrible it was... hahaha
   So the big news of the week is that Sister Doman (one of the sisters in my district) got her VISA! WHOOOOOOO! She's leaving for Brazil on Tuesday!! We are all so excited for her!! And a little sad. It's sad that the district is already starting to break up (the breaking of the fellowship anyone?? I would totally be listening to that song all day on Tuesday if we were allowed to listen to music at the MTC). But like I said we are super happy and excited for her, even though we will miss her to death back here in spirit prison... I mean the Provo MTC... hahah OH! And also cool, Sister Doman's brother, who is here at the MTC as well (he is actually in the district next to us), and is also going to Brazil got his Visa too! So they are leaving for Brazil together! BOOM.  Awesome. They're from Missouri, Kirksville actually, and so our visas prob went through the same government place thingy... I can't remember the name for it, so uh keep your fingers crossed and pray that I'll get mine soon! =]
     Let's seeeeee.... What else has happened?? Sunday we had our first temple walk. The temple is closed until Aug. 11th so we haven't been able to go to any sessions since we've been here but just being able to go over onto the grounds is a wonderful break from being stuck in our classroom 24/7.  OH! and there were picketers there! People were picketing us! There wasn't very many but it was kind of awesome. I've never been picketed before so uh that was pretty cool.  Other than that the temple was pretty wonderful.  Sister Ray and I took a couple pictures and then just sat on one of the benches talking. Which is when these two elders passed us speaking some language, I wasn't paying attention at the time, but they ended up stopping and talking to us cuz they saw the Potugues on our name tags and they were from Brazil!!  They are serving in the Salt Lake City and the Boston Missions and they knew absolutely no English before coming here (the same day we got here I might add...) and we were having full convos in English with them. I was so impressed! Seriously their English was fab. And it was kind of super embarrassing cuz Sister Ray and I couldn't think of any Portugues to say to them (we are lacking in the normal everyday normal conversational portugues... but I can totally tell you about God's love and the BOM in two seconds... and by two seconds i mean half an hour...) But talking to them totally gave me hope about when we finally get down to Brazil and how quickly we are going to pick it up once we are completely immersed in it... or at least I hope that's what's going to happen...
     We also started teaching a new investigator named Alex this week... Weelll, I say new... really he's just our teacher Irmao Mummey... who was our investigator Arisvan last week... so it's a little weird... but whatevs... Alex is way harder than Arisvan... Our first lesson with him was probably my worst and best lesson so far. The worst cuz I continue to butcher the language... it was pretty bad, worst than the baptism invitation to Arisvan... hahah but it was kind of the best ever because I could totally understand what he was saying to us! And I responded to what he was saying!! It was in horrible Portugues but I was able to answer his questions/concerns and it was FREAKING AWESOME. Funny story about that though. So it got to the point in the lesson were we were going to have him read the last two paragraphs of the BOM introduction, and so I open it up and hand it to him and point to the last two paragraphs on the page and ask him to read them for us, in portugues of course, and so he starts reading it and he gets to what i thought was the end of the last two paragraphs and turns the page and i realize that whatever he is reading is totally not the last two paragraphs cuz the last two paragraphs are on the page he just turned to and I have no idea what we just had him read.... And so he gets done reading and Sister Ray who at this point doesn't know what has happened asks him how he feels about what he just read and he goes in to this big long thing about how he doesn't understand how the BOM could be more important than the Bible cuz his whole life he's been reading the bible and why do we even need the BOM, all of which i understood btdubs, so i was able to somehow explain that the BOM and the Bible work together and how we need both and blah blah blah blah blah and we actually managed to patch it up pretty good even though we had no idea what he had read. And so afterwards we look it up and we had had him read the part about how Joseph Smith had said the BOM is the most correct book of any book ever and everything!! We kind of died! So stinking funny that that was what we actually had him read in our first lesson! hahah His response totally made sense after that, but we are still kind of mortified. hahah
     Ok let's see... Oh we got a new teacher this week. Out old one, the first one we had, Imrao Duerden, got asked to leave us and go teach a brand new district, which is totally lame cuz he was awesome. But it means that by the end of this week we will have had 6 teachers here at the MTC in two weeks... which is not normal. But it's cool, more knowledge right??
    Alright... I am running out of time, but some last minute things before I go. We learned how Brazilians would pronounce our names and my name is now pronounced Sister Hee-see. The 'r's in portugues make 'h' sounds and the 'i's make 'e' sounds and it's kind of awesome. Except that Sister Ray likes to call me Sister HeShe... ha ha She's so funny right??
    Um also a couple requests. If someone could send me that one quote I love by Mariane Williams I think it is... I dont remember what it's called... It's the one that's all like 'our biggest fear isn't that we are blahblahblah... but that we are blahblahlbah...' hahah I know that's a bunch to go off of but it'd be great if you could find it and send it... ALSO.  the lyrics to 'this little light of mine'. we sing it all the time and there is like a 2nd and 3rd verse and i cant remember it and it is so frustrating so if you could send me the lyrics that would be magical.
    Um also speakers. If you could maybe somehow possibly send me some that would be divine. they dont have to be super intense or expensive, just something simple that i could use would be awesome!
    But other than that stuff I'm doing great! Thank you so much for all your letters and packages and DearElders! it is so wonderful to hear from you guys throughout the week! i love you all and cant wait to talk to you again next week!!
Love, Sister Rice (Hee-see =])

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