Saturday, August 24, 2013

(38) no reassignment as of yet...

So the district last week got their reassignments Thursday and it was super awesome and exciting since they usually come on Friday and we were all hoping so much that that would happen again this week for us... and it totally didn't... So I don't know yet, but we should be finding out where and when sometime later today! So I will  be emailing you later today with all the info! AHH! I am so excited! It's like getting another mission call!
     No, I haven't received any info about my visa yet... just what you have sent me. And I kind of forgot about that until just now... so I will totally get on that right after this and get all that info off to you today! Sorry about not getting it out sooner!
     So we do this thing called TRC in the MTC, which is basically this program where volunteers come to the MTC to be taught by the missionaries and we teach them  and it's pretty cool. It's cool getting to talk to and teach people other than our teachers in portugues.  So last Saturday we did skype TRC session with people from Brazil! It was horrible. hahaa Sister Ray and I  couldn't understand anything she was saying and it kept breaking up and we just had no idea what we were doing... haha but it was cool to get to listen to actual brazilians speak portugues and uh know that we are completely going to stink at the language when we actually get to brazil, whenever that is going to be... but yeah despite the horribleness it was a pretty good experience.
     Let's see, what else happened... Oh! I finished the Book of Mormon on Wednesday! The whole thing before I left the MTC! I didn't know if I was actually gonna be able to do it but I totally did and it was  awesome! Also speaking of the BoM, our sub (we've had 10 teachers so far here, pretty sure that's a record)  told us about how President Hinckley said once that if a person were to read the whole BoM in a different language you would be fluent in that language by the time you finished it... guess who is  reading the whole book of mormon in portugues now!! hahah seriously though, why didn't they tell us this at the very beginning?? I feel like that is something that should be told on the first day. Seriously.
     Yesterday was In-Field Orientation all day. It was ok. Not as bad as I thought it would be, since you know they had us do all these lame group activities and stuff, but I learned a bunch about the field (kinda...hahah) and got to hear a bunch of awesome mission stories.
     Oh and we also hosted again Wednesday! That was fun! I love hosting, you get to meet so many cool people. Not just the sisters I hosted, but also all the other missionaries helping out.  I met an elder from England and one from Scotland and just a bunch of other cool missionaries.  And I got to host 4 new sisters again, and actually the 1st and 3rd girls I hosted ended up being companions so that was fun.
    OHH! and I almost forgot!! Elder Larson got his visa yesterday and so did another sister, from the other district that came in the same time as us, Sister Green. We are all really excited for them! But  I am getting my reassignment later today so you'll be hearing from me again!
    Funny stories. Last night Elder Larson asked how fast email is in Brazil... hahah we all found it pretty hilarious. Um also, Elder Bernard and a friend of his have a uke right now, here in the laundry room and we are all  breaking it down to backstreet boys right now as I speak, pretty awesome, especially since we've just moved on to little mermaid haha :]
     I love you guys, miss you guys! I love hearing from you! I don't think DearElder works once I leave the MTC but I will  send all you guys my new address and stuff and it  should be easier to read emails, maybe, so you should start emailing me again.  Love you! can't wait to tell y'all where I'm headed! Talk to ya later!!

-Sister Rice

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