Monday, March 24, 2014


  I´m not quite sure how to start this... This week has been really really big actually. Full of fabulous stories and wonderful insights and lots of crazy people.  But let´s see.... I guess I´ll start with Carnival... Oh Carnival! ...turns out Carnival in Sao Paulo is actually extremely disappointing... at least in our area. The whole world leaves and goes to the beach or to family or just somewhere else to party, members and non members, which leaves us missionaries here by oursleves with no one to visit and a normal work schedule... It was interesting... Actually it wasn´t as bad as I thought it was going to be... We did a booth!! On the side of the road! And handed out pamphlets and talked to everybody waiting at the bus stop near by and gave out candy! It was kind of one of the most exhausting things I have ever done! hahah But we figured it would be infinitely more effective than knocking empty houses and really it was... We got 80 conversas... ummm aka "conversations".... The goal for the mission is 70 for a whole week. And we got 80 in one day... We ended up with 126 conversas for the whole week!! It was crazy! But yeah so that was a great met a lot of people... met a lot of crazy people.... but it was good. =]
     Annnnnnnnd then one of my life long dreams finally came true this past week!! I finally ate from a Food Truck!! hahah We pass this food truck every single day and I know it´s recommended that we don´t eat off the street but OHMYGOODNESS I dont think I´ve ever had a better hot dog IN MY LIFE.  The hot dog was fried and put in this delicious roll thingy with melted cheddar and catipury ( a type of cheese that is literally straight from heaven...) corn, tomatoes, mustard, and mash potatoes!! NOOOOOSSSSSAAAAAA. It is offical. I am eating all of my hot dogs with mash potatoes for the rest of my life... Oh it was delicious.
    Oh and also I ate corn ice cream this week... also surprisingly delicious.
   But on to the important thing... The big thing of this past week... I was brushing my teeth the other day (isn´t that when all the big things happen haha =])  and I realized that I had changed... Like I have really changed. And it´s funny. I remember before I came out on my mission I did not want to change. That sounds bad but I was afraid of changing... I was afraid of coming back different. Of not being me anymore. And I realized yesterday actually that it´s happened... I´ve changed. And I can barely write it out to you guys with out starting to bawl like a baby in this puny little lan house. I am different and I don't really know how to explain it. I know my Savior now and I think I am finally starting to understand Heavenly Father´s plan for us and what it means to be trucly converted to the Lord and to have no more disposition to to do evil... Because I truly feel that way.  I realized today that absolutely nothing is worth risking being with my Heavenly Father and Savior forever encircled in the arms of their love with my family for all of eternity.  There is nothing that the world could offer that would be even the tiniest bit worth risking that happiness and love.  And I want to promise everybody who reads this, with all the power and authority that comes with my sacred calling as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ that He loves you and will help you no matter what you may have done or even not be doing. He loves you. And you can accomplish anything through Him.

-Sister Rice

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