Monday, March 24, 2014


  So I don´t have too much to say which is good cuz i only have like 15 more minutes but this week was pretty good. I can´t believe we only have one more week until the end of this transfer!! It feels like I was literally just telling y'all bout how this transfer was about to start and how weird it was going to be cuz it would be almost april when it ended and now... here we are. so weird.
     But let´s see. Real quick so stories for y'all.  So we live next to a 7th day adventist church right?? And they´re always singing and everything and Sister Dabelko and I actually now know a bunch of their songs cuz we hear them all the time, and so last night they were having a service and their doors were open like always and we went and asked if they had any cds we could buy of their music, cuz we like it so much.  They were so excited. Two mormon missionaries, asking for cds! hahahah we both ended up with two books, a dvd, and a cd that they just gave us! hahaha of course i cant use half of it for like a year still but it was so funny and awesome! haha plus we got to see what the inside was like, which I have been dying to know since I got here. haha
    Let´s see. what else. Oh also, I spent half an hour picking little baby ants out of my bowl of granola.  I accidently forgot to put the bag in my big tupperware to keep them out and they were swarming! But it was kind of the only thing I had left since it was the end of the week. and so like half an hour and 40 ants after i poured my bowl I gave up and decided i need the extra protein anyways and drown it all in yogurt! hahah oh the life of brazilian missionaries.
     But yeah I have no more time... I love you. Look up the talk "His grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox this week! But you cant just read it. you HAVE TO find a recording of it! Listen to it together. It is AMAZING!
     Sorry this letter is so lame. Love you bunches and bunches!

-Sister Rice

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