Monday, January 13, 2014


Ummm... I think that´s a song right?? that goes something like that...? maybe... I´ve never actually heard it before but this elder in the MTC would sing it all the time... but it seemed pretty appropriate since uh... IM FREAKING TWENTY TWO NOW! booyahh. Yup my birthday was Saturday and it was pretty good! Sister Dabelko (my new compy comp =]) made me a cake and card and bought be mentos and a snickers! It was great! And it was cloudy and rainy all day so that was fabulous too! and I was totally supposed to use my fake snow that lincoln gave me for christmas before I left New Mexico since I forgot to use it... but I totally forgot again... That´s ok. We´ll prob do it tonight. =] I´ll send pics!
     But yeah so transfers was also this past week and like I said earlier I got a new companion, Sister Dabelko! She is pretty much the most awesome thing to ever happen to this world! She´s from Layton, Utah and has been out 8 months and we have so much fun together. Annnnd we´ve only gotten lost a few times since I took over the area (that was slightly terrifying but really no biggie hahah).  But we are working super hard and have a goal of 5 baptisms this month... Do not ask me how we are going to do that, especially since pretty much all of our investigators decided to drop us or just straight up tell they dont want to get baptized... but that is the number that we both got while praying about our monthly goals and that is the number of people that we are going to help be baptized this month! It´s gonna be really hard work but I know that we can do it! We´ve worked really hard this past week and got 13 novos (new investigators) and had 65 conversastions with people, which is only 5 short of the standard of excellence for the mission that I thought was completely ridiculous like a week ago... but we are doing it! We are talking to everyone and hunting down all our formers and it is going to happen!
     Oh! and we have like the BEST ward mission leader in the history of the world. No offense dad, but seriously. We had a meeting with him yesterday to just kind of go over everything and talk, especially since sister dabelko is new and i practically know nothing and it was amazing. like by the end of it he was filling in our planners for this coming week for us and we told him about our goal of 5 baptisms and I totally expected him to think we were crazy (cuz everyone else does, two americanas who dont know portugues and have no investigators and want to 5 have baptisms... yeah its a little crazy) but he totally just was all like ´no no it´s not a crazy goal especially since it´s what you recieved from Heavenly Father and we can totally do this´and we spent like another 45 minutes talking with him about who we could visit that he knew of and what members we could take with us and it was just amazing... I think we both almost started crying... hahaha But seriously it was so amazing and it just went with all the other amazing stuff that has happened this past week.  Seriously, this past week has been so amazing. There have been miracles every single day. People who used to run away from us (this happens a bunch hahah no biggie) talking to us for like ever and asking for book of mormons or so many of the people we talked to having experience with the church or having been before or had a book of mormon or just stuff like that. Or like actually having lessons with people right after meeting them (most people just tell you to come back) or the lesson we had when I just spewed portugues like I actually knew it, or the fact that Jose our ward mission leader is amazing. Just so many things have happened this week and I am so excited for the rest of this transfer!
     Now for some funny stories! There are a bunch of them! Out first night together we decided to make popcorn on the stove (my favorite =] ) and sister dabelko burned hers and so of course i had to show her up and it ended up popping all over the place... hahah it was literally all over our kitchen. so that was fun hahaha  and then the next day we were half way to the chapel for district meeting and we realized we had left our phone at home... but we decided that since we were going straight back home afterwards it would be ok... well after district meeting we decide to go to the bathroom and whatever and after that go to leave that part of the building (our building is really like just a bunch of different buildings surrounding a courtyard) and it´s locked... the elders had freaking locked us into the building and left! We were locked in the church, without a cell phone! Buuut thankfully we had not been the only sisters to go to the bathroom after district meeting and thankfully they had not been stupid and forgotten their phone but seriously we could not stop laughing about what would have happened if they had not been there... we probably would´ve been stuck in there for days...! hahahah can you imagine explaining that to President... hahaha it would have been hilarious.  We figured we would have been good cuz it was the part of the building with the drinking fountain so at least we wouldn´t have died... hahaha so yeah that happened our first full day together... and then Friday we had to call and buy some new water ( all the water here from the sinks and stuff is bad and will make you terribly sick if you drink it so we have to buy like 20 liter mineral water cooler like things every week...) and so we call and they ask for our address and we totally have no idea how to pronouce it and Sister Dabelko just kept repeating ´Casa um cinco zero Itchy-poo´ into the phone cuz that´s what it looks like and we both kind of died of laughter and now the people that run the water place know that a bunch of americana crazies live there... hahaha so yeah i live at 150 itchypoo... hahaha pretty funny.
     But yeah so this past week has been great and I am so excited for this transfer. I am kind of starting to feel like a missionary again so that is great! I hope everything is going great with all yall! I hope that yall had amazing new years and didnt cry too much on my birthday cuz you missed me so much. =] I love you all! Thank you for all the support and prayers you give me! Talk to ya next week! =]
-Sister Rice

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