Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Going to the Temple...

     This past weekend was a pretty big weekend for the Fam... Harrison graduated from High School which was pretty awesome and big, buuuuuut more importantly I went through the Temple on Friday! The temple, for all y'all who don't know, is basically the place where we, as Mormons, do a lot of the big, important things like, getting married and stuff. No, I did not get married on Friday but I went and made special promises and covenants with God in preparation for the mishh, and it was a pretty awesome and special experience and I can't wait to go back!
     Now for pictures! It rained like a psychopath on the way there and I was a little bummed cuz I really just wanted some sunny, happy pics with the Fam afterwards and it definitely did not look like that was gonna happen.... BUT by the time we were through in the temple it was fairly sunny and we did get to take a couple pics so booyahh.

     That last one was pretty much a  necessity since you know all elders/sisters have that obligatory facebook profile picture of them in front of the temple and uh duh I needed it for on here so yeah, boom! there it is. Oh! and I also really super dig the clouds in most of these, especially the first. But um yeah... first post of the mishh blog! pretty exciting... hope I haven't scared you away yet with all this excitement... I just figured I've only got like a monthish until it's finally here, so why not get this party started.

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